Seven Things I know…

Here are 7 things I know to be true

01. If there were 200+ White girls kidnapped from anywhere on the planet the entire world would stop revolving

02. If there were 200+ White girls, of any nation, kidnapped anywhere on the planet the United States would send Special Forces troops to retrieve them and capture the kidnappers

03. Despite the media coverage, of late, the world doesn’t seem to get the magnitude of the horrific act of kidnapping 200+ school girls

04. The media was obsessed with the disappearance of a commercial airliner for weeks on end but after just a few days the coverage of the kidnapped school girls has already begun to decline

05. The men responsible for the kidnapping of 200+ school girls need to be captured and killed.

06. Nigeria needs a new government

07. More evil has been done in the name of religion than any other thing


Have I missed anything?




It’s just snow, Yo.

Here a few simple facts for the media.

– Often it is very cold in Winter.

– It is not uncommon for there to be snow in Winter.

So, now that I’ve shared these simple facts about Winter, maybe there will be a miracle and the news media will stop acting as though the Apocalypse is coming every other week just because it’s cold or it’s snowing.

Maybe I’m not remembering it correctly but when I was growing up on the East Coast it took a very serious weather event to actually occur before the media reported it.

And, usually it was just a report in passing about a snow storm that had stalled over a major city. I don’t remember the media going on about cold Winter temperatures.

I guess the media figures they can scare people into watching or reading by using a lot of crazy hyperbole and hyping up even the more mild Winter weather events.


Does the media over-coverage of Winter weather annoy you too?

Flashback Friday: MTV Cribs

MTV Cribs originally aired in September 2000 and was hosted (voice over) by (Howard University alum) Ananda Lewis. The show featured the homes of mostly music artists but expanded to include athletes and other celebs.

MTV Cribs aired for the better part of a decade. During that time the show featured over 185 celeb homes. It was updated throughout the 2000s and eventually went into syndication as just Cribs. The syndicated show was a flop, mostly because they edited out all of the original music and substituted it with generic music and replaced the original voice overs with new generic ones.

Ananda Lewis

The most memorable MTV Cribs, IMO, was the one featuring Redman. The show toured his New Jersey townhouse which was, as they say, tore up from the floor up. He even had a dollar box on the top of the fridge.

MTV Cribs also influenced hoards of other TV shows including many HGTV shows. There was a country version of Cribs on CMT Network called CMT Cribs.

MTV Cribs Intro (All videos Safe For Work)

MTV Cribs featuring Big Boi and Ludacris | 2003

MTV Cribs/ VH1 Mashup – Redman episode (sorry about the video quality)

Did you watch MTV Cribs?
Did you have a favorite episode?
Was Redman’s crib nasty or what?!

WTF Files: The rise and fall of “Carlos Danger”?

Former Congressman and current New York City Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner and his wife Huma held the most a cringe worthy press conference ever yesterday. The conference was held because an online gossip site published texts that Weiner sent to at least one woman last summer.

Last summer? Yes, last summer after he had already resigned his Congressional seat during his initial sexting scandal. After that scandal his accomplished wife, Huma, who was an top aid to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, stood by her husband.

And, she stood by him again yesterday as Weiner fessed up to another case of sexting. Obviously Weiner has a problem. Honestly I didn’t think the first incident was a huge deal. Lots of married people push boundaries. But, now, after having lost his career once and more importantly putting his wife through so much, he did it again!

Also, this time Anthony Weiner used a special online moniker for his sexts. The name he used was, wait for it, “Carlos Danger“.

WTF indeed.

Yikes. Just when you think you know somebody. And, really, I guess that’s the point of this post. We really don’t know public figures. We know what they want us to know and what we find out on our own. Otherwise these people are total strangers.

And as for Weiner’s wife Huma. I felt bad for her after the first incident, not anymore. Fool the wife once shame on her husband, fool her twice, shame on her.

Do you think Weiner’s run for NYC Mayor is over now?

Or will New Yorkers overlook his actions again?

Why do you think Huma has been and is standing by Weiner?