Flashback Friday: MTV Cribs

MTV Cribs originally aired in September 2000 and was hosted (voice over) by (Howard University alum) Ananda Lewis. The show featured the homes of mostly music artists but expanded to include athletes and other celebs.

MTV Cribs aired for the better part of a decade. During that time the show featured over 185 celeb homes. It was updated throughout the 2000s and eventually went into syndication as just Cribs. The syndicated show was a flop, mostly because they edited out all of the original music and substituted it with generic music and replaced the original voice overs with new generic ones.

Ananda Lewis

The most memorable MTV Cribs, IMO, was the one featuring Redman. The show toured his New Jersey townhouse which was, as they say, tore up from the floor up. He even had a dollar box on the top of the fridge.

MTV Cribs also influenced hoards of other TV shows including many HGTV shows. There was a country version of Cribs on CMT Network called CMT Cribs.

MTV Cribs Intro (All videos Safe For Work)

MTV Cribs featuring Big Boi and Ludacris | 2003

MTV Cribs/ VH1 Mashup – Redman episode (sorry about the video quality)

Did you watch MTV Cribs?
Did you have a favorite episode?
Was Redman’s crib nasty or what?!


10 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: MTV Cribs

  1. Ah, the MTV of yesteryear. I remember it fondly. I definitely remember Cribs and I specifically remember three episodes; I don’t remember any of the others. There was the Redman one that you mentioned. Second was the Mariah Carrey one when she got into the bathtub at the end. Lastly, was the Richard Branson one where his “crib” was an entire private island.

    • Lol. Yeah, Redman is a trip. I hope that was just his bumming around house and that he had another nice one somewhere.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. 🙂

  2. I did watch Cribs 🙂 Although I remember thinking about the episodes I watched, that the mansions looked somehow unlived in. One in particular that if I remember correctly was Mariah’s also, but I remember that it was eerily unfurnished!

    I mean it had furniture, a bed, a dresser,etc., beautiful stuff, but the knick-knacks of everyday living were missing! And a couple of other ones too, don’t remember the celebrities now, but they looked sterile, empty! I thought well, maybe since they’re always on the go?…

    Prolly Redmans was a joke to counter that LOL! But It’s pretty typical of a messy bachelor though 😀

  3. I remember the show, but I thought it was ratchet so I didn’t watch it on a regular. I don’t remember the show featuring Redman, but damn………..I hope that brother got some help. Shit did look one step up from being a crackhouse.

  4. Damn… I gotta’ get the maid in here… I’m a busy bachelor so my house is a mix between Red and some of the better looking homes. I have promo stuff from the club all over the living room floor…? You just shamed me into cleaning up. (And my girlfriend will appreciate that.)

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