Likes and Dislikes


– Watching Justin Bieber’s career crash and burn

– All the respect that Maya Angelou has received

– Unfrosted Pop Tarts

Orange Is The New Black season 2 is available today

– Sitting on the front steps with the GF in the evening



– Black people making excuses for Justin Bieber

– The Miami Heat (Go Spurs!)

– My local library not having the books I want to read

– Bread

– Missing WNBA games because I don’t have cable


What are you liking and disliking these days?

The freedom of not giving a f**k!

Last Saturday I had a short presentation to make for work. It wasn’t anything too involved. It would only take 10 minutes or so. But, it was going to be in front of about 70 people.

I hate public speaking. I mean I really hate it. Or maybe it’s the lead up to the public speaking I really hate. Whichever it is the result is I get really stressed out in the days leading up to having to speak in front of people.

So, all last week I was stressed. In the beginning of the week I felt the stress but wasn’t really aware of why I was stressed. As the week went on and Thursday came around I was keenly aware of why. On Friday I was really feeling it.

Mind you, I was fully prepared. My little presentation hardly even required much prep work as it was on a subject I’m pretty versed in. Did that stop me from having a real bad case of nerves? Nope.

The girlfriend was great. She reassured me. And in those moments when she did the stress washed away. But, soon after, when her encouraging words were only a echos in my head, the nervousness returned.

On Saturday I woke to a bad case of nerves and pouring rain. Oh great. We’ve had a really dry winter here and I’d been wishing for rain for months but why did that wish have to be answered just then, I thought.

I had breakfast. Got my cheat notes together. And prepared to go.

Then something amazing happened. I thought to myself that in the larger scheme of things this little speech I had to give didn’t really amount to much. I remember thinking that in 20 years if someone brought it up to me I more than likely wouldn’t even remember it.

And, that’s when the magic happened. Suddenly, out of nowhere, I just stop giving a fcuk! All that stress gone. Just like that.

The girlfriend drove me and we enjoyed the coziness of all the rain and talked about getting back home and hunkering down and watching a movie. Fun! I didn’t even think about what I was about to do.

She dropped me off. I went in. I was third to speak. I listened to the two speakers before me. And, when it was my turn I calmly walked to the podium. I gave my little talk. After I asked if anyone had any questions. A few people had some. I answered them.

And I was done!

I hung around for a bit after it was over and spoke to a few people and then I left. The Girlfriend was waiting for me in the car and we hauled azz home!

Oh the wonderful freedom of not giving a fcuk!



Does public speaking stress you out?
Have you learned the art of not giving a fcuk?

The Great Peppermint Iced Tea Discovery

What’s that old saying, necessity is the mother of invention? Welp, it’s true. This week was one of those weeks I didn’t have the whatever it takes to deal with grocery shopping. So, I was scrounging around the cupboards trying to whip up dinner from whatever was on hand.

On Wednesday we ran out of sparkling water. That was a real loss as we drink that stuff with dinner most of the time during the week. What to do? Well early in the day whilst making lunch I decided to have some nice hot peppermint tea. But, it occurred to me that maybe iced peppermint tea was the answer to my sparking water dilemma. Which was drinking plain old tap water or having something hot to drink with dinner.

So, I made the tea, then added sugar, let it cool and then put it in the freezer. And, 30 minutes later, voilà! Iced peppermint tea. And it was so amazingly refreshing. The problem of what to drink with dinner was solved.

What’s interesting though is that I’ve never been a fan of iced tea. Or as they call it in the Southern United States, sweet tea. I’m not sure why they call it sweet tea. I mean do people drink cold tea with no sugar?

Anywhoo, I’ve never been a fan of iced tea. I mean I could drink it but it would never be my first choice. It’s always had a slightly bitter aftertaste which I didn’t particularly like.

So imagine my surprise when my peppermint iced tea experiment turned out so well! But, alas, today is Friday and I can no longer put off grocery shopping. So, even though the Girlfriend and I enjoyed a couple of dinners with peppermint iced tea, it’s time to get back to the sparkling water.

Do you like iced tea?
Have you had peppermint iced tea?
What do you normally drink with dinner?


10 Things that…


Here are ten things that made me happy this week!


10. Watching Netflix series Orange Is The New Black again.

09. Finding a roll of quarters in a backpack I haven’t carried in a long time

What? A whole roll of quarters? Serious?

08. We got a new privacy fence! (The old one wasn’t providing much privacy)

06. I took a Tai Chi class!

05. No Friday meeting at work today!

04. All cotton socks!

03. I found a webzine that I like!

02. Are you ready for some football! (NFL starts next week)

01. The girlfriend made me breakfast in bed!

What made you happy this week?
Have you seen Orange Is The New Black yet?