10 Reasons Beyoncé didn’t stop Solange from attacking Jay

10 Reasons Beyoncé didn’t stop Solange from attacking Jay

01. She’s not programmed to break up fights

02. Her batteries were low

03. She was pretending in her head that she’d written a song Ne-Yo had already written

04. She was pouting because she had to miss Punky Brewster

05. She forgot who the other people on the elevator were

06.  She was trying to remember her name

07.  She was practicing her Miss America wave (see image above)

08. Solange accidentally hit Bey’s off button

09. She was deciding if the blue or the green crayon was her favorite

10. She was concerned because no one was flying the rocket ship they were on

Do you know of any other reasons Beyoncé didn’t stop Solange?

10 Things about the Grammys

10.  First, I live on the West Coast where the Grammys are broadcast from and yet I have to see them on tape-delay. Makes no sense.

09. Second, Jennifer Lopez has turned into Cher. Like Cher she has taken to dating men who aren’t in her league, so to speak. And, also like Cher, she now makes over the top dance songs with no substance. Yep, Jenny from the block has definitely turned into Cher.

08. AK played the drums! And as ever, she looked marvelous!

07. Mumford and Sons annoy me.

06. Drake looked constipated.

05. Rihanna has a really interesting stage presence. I really enjoyed her performances, especialy the Bob Marley tribute with Sting, Bruno Mars and Ziggy and Damien Marley. This was the best performance of the night.

04. Rap verses can really ruin a good R&B song. Wiz Khalifa  ruined Adorn by Miguel and Jay Z ruined Suit & Tie by Justin Timberlake.

04. I can’t believe Fun beat The Alabama Shakes and Frank Ocean for Best New Artist. But, Brittany Howard of The Alabama Shakes can sing! She was great in that tribute along with Mavis Staples and Elton John.

03. It was nice seeing His Purpleness.

02. I could smell John Mayer through the TV screen. 😦

01. Chuck D!

What did you think of the 2013 Grammys?
Did you even watch the Grammys?