Likes and Dislikes


Spring fever
Rainy days
Facebook pages of beautiful and talented women
Slow paced foreign films
Shopping for sundresses
Heirloom tomatoes
Sade’s 80’s style
France intervening to protect Timbuktu and its people
Finally watching the last season of The L Word


Network news
Chief Keef
Radio DJ’s who talk too much
Putting out the trash
Monsanto Protection Act
Apple Pie
Barack Obama
Internet cookies
Clutch Magazine
Bill Maher
Spike Lee’s Opal Gilstrap

What do you think of my Likes/ Dislikes?
What are some of your Likes/ Dislikes?

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10 Questions…

AK with the President of the United States 

10. What took me so long to sign up for Netflix?

09. Will President Obama ever be President of Black America give a speech in front of a Black audience where he speaks as the President rather than the Daddy-in-Chief of Black America?

08. Did you know that premium canned tuna was so amazingly good?

Best song of the year and worst video of the year

07. Will I ever get tired of Robin Thicke’s song Blurred Lines?

05. Why do I miss the NFL so much?

04. What interesting place have you been to lately?

03. Which is worse; the threat of tornadoes or the threat of earthquakes?

02. Will Anthony sexting scandal Weiner be the next mayor of New York City? (I’d vote for his wife Huma, above)

01. Who is your celebrity crush at the moment?

I look forward to reading your comments! 🙂

Stinky Repairmen, What to make, Silver Linings Playbook and I ain’t no darn stan!

Last week was a really busy one. My girlfriend talked me into inviting a few people over for the Super Bowl. Honestly I’m not much on entertaining. I’d rather go out with friends than have them over. For me home is sanctuary. A place of rest and relaxation. And having company is always stressful.

And of course I was the one who had to plan the menu. Drats! As you all know I am a total amateur when it comes to cooking. I mean, I just learned how to cook rice! At first I had visions of grandeur. I’d make all sorts of creative things that would wow the girlfriend and our guests. Then I snapped out of it and came back to reality.

Our Super Bowl fare consisted of chicken wings, store bought of course, a gigantic salad, an assortment of potato and tortilla chips and dips. But, everyone seemed pleased with it. So, I survived that little get together.Whew!


And if worrying about what to make for guests wasn’t enough, the heater went out. Now it’s not exactly cold here by East Coast crazy blizzard standards. But, it can get very crisp here. And although heat isn’t really necessary during the day a little heat at bedtime and in the morning is required.

So I called and set up an appointment for a repairman to come out. I made a morning appointment hoping he would be in and out before noon. But, I didn’t expect him to show up at 7:45am! Good thing I got up at 7, something I don’t normally do.

Anyway, he was a nice older fellow. And he seemed to know what he was doing. I already knew what was wrong with the heater since I had the gas company come out and check it and tell me. So I wasn’t worried about getting ripped off with unnecessary repairs as will happen sometimes.

The whole process when fairly smoothly. Except. The repairman stunk! And it wasn’t your normal run of the mill funk. It was some sort of special funk. A funk for the ages. After he finished and left I was relieved to get Mr. Funk out of the house.

But, Mr. Funk left a gift that kept on giving. The house still smelled like him after he left! WTF! I opened a bunch of windows and left them open for the afternoon. And then in the evening when the girlfriend came in from work the first thing she said was, “What stinks in here?”. Yikes. I had to break out the Frankincense incense at that point. It took a whole stick of it to get rid of the funk.


I saw the film Silver Linings Playbook. I really didn’t have any interest in seeing it until I realized Robert DeNiro was in it. Also Chris Tucker was in it. It was a pretty interesting film. It was about mental illness and how it can affect a family. Overall it was pretty good. Robert DeNiro is up for an Academy Award for his performance. I’d recommend the film.

Finally, I got into a heated discussion with a friend. She called me a Alicia Keys stan. I am not a stan, I just crush a lot! I explained to her there is a difference between being an avid fan and being a stan.

For instance; if you are a stan and someone criticizes the object of your stanism, you get angry and defend them at all cost. Whereas, if you are simply a loyal fan. as I am, criticism doesn’t really bother you. My joy in being a fan is not that everyone else has to be a fan, it’s just fun to enjoy a particular person over a period of time. You get to see them grow as an artist.

I wouldn’t want to be a stan. They go hard, way hard. Like for instance BeyoncĂ© stans. Or Obama stans. They get personally offended if you criticize in any way the object of their stanism.  I’m sure you’ve all seen them in action. Or just ask Keri Hilson.

Nope, I’m an AK fan. And that’s it. Definitely not a stan. 😉

What was on your Super Bowl menu?
Ever had someone funk up your house?
Seen any good films lately?
What singer are you a really big fan of?

10 Things that…

So, today I am writing about stuff that I’ve been thinking about lately. Here goes.

Awards for thieves

10. I’m really not looking forward to hearing about a fake Prince and a fake Princess, giving birth to a fake heir to a fake throne. ABC World News Lite with Diane Sawyer actually had the audacity to lead their broadcast on Monday with the news of the conception of the fake heir. Look, if the Brits like having fake royals, then great for them. But, why must we Americans be tortured with non-news about them?

09. And speaking of fake Brits. Led Zeppelin was honored by President Barack Obama at a White House reception recently. Which made me think of something that I’ve been thinking about lately. That is; in America you can be a lowlife and still hobnob with truly talented people and be considered successful. Led Zeppelin sold millions of albums by stealing music from Black blues artists. Zeppelin never gave any sort of attribution to the Blues artists nor paid them any money. If you own a Led Zeppelin album then you own an album that contains stolen music. Shame on President Obama for honoring thieves.

Here is a list of just a few of the songs Zeppelin stole;

– “Whole Lotta Love”
– “Moby Dick”
– “Stairway To Heaven”
– “Whole Lotta Love”
– “Dazed And Confused”
– “Communication Breakdown”

08. And now music from an artist with actual talent. Here is a great new song from Alicia Keys! It’s called “When It’s All Over“. It’s from her new album. Check it out!

07. Is anyone else sick of so-called ‘viral videos‘? I mean they have become too viral. If something appears on the evening network news then it’s too viral. Back in the day you’d hear about a video from a friend and check it out. Now they’re everywhere. On the news, facebook, TV morning shows, TV talk shows, everywhere! Is a viral video a viral video if it’s in the mainstream media?

06. AK is covering the January Essence Magazine! 🙂 I haven’t purchased Essence in a long time but I’m going to buy this one!

05. I was really trying to like the adult cartoon Family Guy. But, just when I’m really getting into it they throw in some racist hipster humor. I’m really getting tired of racist hipster humor on TV. Shows like 30 Rock on NBC are full of this type of so-called humor. They think they can get away with it because the humor is supposed to be ironic. The problem is though, it’s not the least bit ironic. It’s just racist.

03. Does anyone else get depressed during the 2 or 3 weeks before Christmas? It really sucks. I think I’m actually on the verge of hating Christmas. It’s just such a dreary holiday unless you are either a kid or have a big family to spend it with. I try to get myself hyped about it but it usually doesn’t work for more than a day or two. I wish I could figure out a way to ignore Christmas.

02. I am in love with cream cheese. Lol. I’ve been putting it on bagels and on raisin toast. It’s great? Do you like it?

01. My favorite TV show at the moment is TV One’s Unsung. That is such a great show! I love music, as you know, and I have learned so much about music artists by watching that show. What’s my favorite episode you ask? I have two; Phyllis Hyman and Teddy Pendergrass. But, I’ve only seen about 7 episodes so far. What do you think of the show?