Are you watching the Winter Olympics?

The Winter Olympics are back again. This time, as you probably know, in Russia. And, unfortunately, NBC is broadcasting the Games again. So don’t expect to see many events live. NBC is allergic to live coverage.

Anyway, I don’t have the same interest in the Winter Games as I do in the Summer Olympic Games. I do look forward to seeing Lolo Jones (above) compete on the women’s bobsled team. Also I might watch some of the downhill skiing. And, I suppose I’ll check out the opening ceremony tonight.

The best thing about the Winter Games though is they are a reminder that the Summer Games in Rio are just two years away!

Do you plan on watching the Winter Games?
What’s your favorite Winter Olympic sport?
Do you hate NBC’s Olympic coverage too?


Flashback Friday: MTV Cribs

MTV Cribs originally aired in September 2000 and was hosted (voice over) by (Howard University alum) Ananda Lewis. The show featured the homes of mostly music artists but expanded to include athletes and other celebs.

MTV Cribs aired for the better part of a decade. During that time the show featured over 185 celeb homes. It was updated throughout the 2000s and eventually went into syndication as just Cribs. The syndicated show was a flop, mostly because they edited out all of the original music and substituted it with generic music and replaced the original voice overs with new generic ones.

Ananda Lewis

The most memorable MTV Cribs, IMO, was the one featuring Redman. The show toured his New Jersey townhouse which was, as they say, tore up from the floor up. He even had a dollar box on the top of the fridge.

MTV Cribs also influenced hoards of other TV shows including many HGTV shows. There was a country version of Cribs on CMT Network called CMT Cribs.

MTV Cribs Intro (All videos Safe For Work)

MTV Cribs featuring Big Boi and Ludacris | 2003

MTV Cribs/ VH1 Mashup – Redman episode (sorry about the video quality)

Did you watch MTV Cribs?
Did you have a favorite episode?
Was Redman’s crib nasty or what?!

Synapses, Soup, Scandal and Alicia Keys

Every now and then I see a photo that will cause my brain to go into search the archives mode. I can almost feel synapses firing that haven’t been used in years and years. Those obscure brain connections take me to a place where I can see pictures, smell smells, feel the briskness of fall or the heat of summer.

The photo above is of a neighborhood in New York City called Crown Heights. It’s in the borough of Brooklyn. And although I’m pretty sure I’ve never been to Crown Heights, this photo takes me back to my coming of age in New York City.

The architecture, the trees, the fall shadows, are all so familiar. Seeing this photo is like taking a trip without ever leaving home.

This week the weather finally changed a bit. Well, for this area it changed. It wasn’t anything too dramatical. (is dramatical a word?) We really don’t have seasons here. Our weather is more like constant Spring with a few rainy days, a few cool days and a few warm days.

So, now we are having a few cool days. Not cool by the standards of the rest of the country but cool for here. And, there’s nothing like cool weather to make me crave certain things. Things like cuddling, sweaters, leather backpacks and soup!

This week I actually made soup. I used chicken stock, sausage, onions, mushrooms, corn and jasmine rice. I seasoned it only with pepper and a little margarine.

I let it simmer for about 40 minutes and the result was oh so satisfying! I really enjoyed it and The Girlfriend enjoyed it too. And, after we ate we cuddled on the sofa! Soup and cuddling in the same fall evening, what could be better!

The internets are abuzz with debate about the TV show Scandal. The show, which airs on Thursday nights (which is tonight as I write this) and stars the stunningly beautiful Kerry Washington (whom I am told smells like honey and almonds).

Lot’s of women, especially Black women seem to love the show. And, supposedly lots of men, especially Black men hate the show.  And, of course, there are outliers. Like me, a Black woman who hates the show and lots of Black men who, maybe don’t love the show, but certainly like it.

Most of the controversy stems from the sordid affair the main character, Olivia Pope played by Kerry, is having with a White dude who is the President of the United States.

My problem with the storyline is two-fold. First, the show is very daytime soap opera-ish to me. And I’m no fan of soap operas. Second, it’s annoying to me that for a group of people that are so lacking in representation on network TV to have the only show starring a Black women to feature a plot where she is having an affair with a married guy.

The show which is set in Washington, D.C. and modelled after an actual real life person, in my opinion, could have been a fascinating political drama. Which considering the often crazy antics and generally incompetent governance of the political class in the Nation’s capitol would have been right on time.

But, no, we get some trashy, overwrought, overacted, wordy, nighttime soap opera. I just wish for more. Much more.

Finally, Alicia Keys in the last few years has been seriously branching out from her singing and songwriting roots. She’s acted, produced Broadway plays and television movies. Well, AK continues to expand her reach by executive produceing and producing the music for a new film called The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete.

The film stars one of my very favorite actors Jeffrey Wright along with Anthony Mackie, Jordin Sparks and Jennifer Hudson.

Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while know that when it comes to films I love two elements in my films. The first, the coming of age genre. The second, New York City. And, this film is guess what? A coming of age film set in New York! Whoopie!

The film opens today, October 11! So, check your local theaters. And, of course, if you see it please let me know what you thought of it.


Do certain photos take you back?
Are you a soup person?
Do you watch Scandal?
Does AK’s new film sound interesting?

WTF Files: How to get away with murder and local news fail

Want to know how to get away with murder? Here’s how. Go to Florida, locate a Black person, shoot and kill them, then say they attacked you.

So, Zimmerman was found not guilty in a Florida courtroom this evening. I really don’t have much to say about it. The media experts have been predicting an acquittal but, I’m still very surprised.

All I know is that a Black kid was stalked and murdered by a racist, wannabe police officer and apparently that’s not a crime. Not in Florida anyway. Wow.

And now the jackasses in the media are on full riot watch. I don’t think anyone was planning to riot but, maybe someone should.


And speaking of media jackasses…

Most of you, who’ve been reading this blog for a while, know that I have very little respect for mainstream media in this country. And, I have even less respect for local TV news. Which just seems to be a collection of brainless individuals who have good hair.

If ever there was a perfect example of how moronic local TV news people are, this is it. As you all know a jet crashed upon landing at San Francisco International Airport last weekend. Many of the known facts about the crash had been made public by the National Transportation Safety Board. However, none of the names of the four pilots who were on board the flight had been released.

So, a prankster decided to play a joke on the idiots at local TV station KTVU, a FOX affiliate here in the Bay Area. They submitted false names to the station and the station confirmed the names with an intern at the NTSB. An intern!

Now after viewing the video of the incident you can see why I called the folks over at KTVU morons. I mean how in the hell did those names even make it to being on-air copy much less being read aloud on the air!

So, for anyone out there who didn’t think that local TV news in this country was an absolute insult to the intelligence of the people of this nation, here is the proof.

Are you surprised Zimmerman was found not guilty?
Do you think there will be riots?

Are you shocked that those names were read on the air?
Or does local TV news incompetence not shock you anymore?