Things that suck and things that do not suck

The world is full of things and people that seem to work hard at being lousy and despite that there are also people and things in the world who work very hard to be great. Today I will acknowledge both.

Things (and people) that suck

01. Tea Party Republicans

02. The media for attacking NFL player Adrian Peterson while he grieves the loss of a child

03. Wendy Williams

04. The NSA

05. USA Today charging $2.00

Things (and people) that do not suck

01. Lowenbrau

02. meatball sandwiches

03. city parks

04. Corey Booker

05.  AK

What things and people do you think suck and don’t suck this week?

AK News! (Update – 9/01/13)

Don’t miss Alicia this Friday, August 30, when she performs on ABC’s Good Morning America! AK is just back from her world Tour so this should be great! Check your local listings but, the GMA Summer Concerts are usually during the eight o’clock hour.


Here is Alicia with her brand new cut AND her live performance of Fire We Make with Maxwell this past Friday on GMA! Enjoy!!

(Note: Please pardon the sound glitch at 1:05 into the video)

WTF Files: How to get away with murder and local news fail

Want to know how to get away with murder? Here’s how. Go to Florida, locate a Black person, shoot and kill them, then say they attacked you.

So, Zimmerman was found not guilty in a Florida courtroom this evening. I really don’t have much to say about it. The media experts have been predicting an acquittal but, I’m still very surprised.

All I know is that a Black kid was stalked and murdered by a racist, wannabe police officer and apparently that’s not a crime. Not in Florida anyway. Wow.

And now the jackasses in the media are on full riot watch. I don’t think anyone was planning to riot but, maybe someone should.


And speaking of media jackasses…

Most of you, who’ve been reading this blog for a while, know that I have very little respect for mainstream media in this country. And, I have even less respect for local TV news. Which just seems to be a collection of brainless individuals who have good hair.

If ever there was a perfect example of how moronic local TV news people are, this is it. As you all know a jet crashed upon landing at San Francisco International Airport last weekend. Many of the known facts about the crash had been made public by the National Transportation Safety Board. However, none of the names of the four pilots who were on board the flight had been released.

So, a prankster decided to play a joke on the idiots at local TV station KTVU, a FOX affiliate here in the Bay Area. They submitted false names to the station and the station confirmed the names with an intern at the NTSB. An intern!

Now after viewing the video of the incident you can see why I called the folks over at KTVU morons. I mean how in the hell did those names even make it to being on-air copy much less being read aloud on the air!

So, for anyone out there who didn’t think that local TV news in this country was an absolute insult to the intelligence of the people of this nation, here is the proof.

Are you surprised Zimmerman was found not guilty?
Do you think there will be riots?

Are you shocked that those names were read on the air?
Or does local TV news incompetence not shock you anymore?


Random thoughts…

Here are a few random things on my mind at the moment.

01. Remember when I asked what you thought Anthony Wiener‘s chance of winning the New York City mayors race? I think most said they wouldn’t vote for him. So, guess what, Wiener is now leading the polls in the mayors race. Lol. I told you guys that New York politics is crazy. And not only is Wiener in the lead but the former Governor Eliot Spitzer, who had to resign after a prostitution scandal, is running for NYC comptroller.

02.  I’m sure all of you have heard about the airplane crash out here over the weekend. Amazingly all but two people survived the crash. It’s going to be interesting to find out what caused the crash. Anyway, on Saturday when the crash happened I almost missed the news. That’s because when I turned the TV on a little after noon and saw the Breaking News graphic on the screen I ignored it and changed the channel only to see it again on another local channel. That’s when I listened to see what happened.

But, the local news stations use the Breaking News graphic so much that I’ve started to ignore it. That’s because when they say it’s breaking news it almost never is. When something happened hours ago, it’s no longer breaking news. But, obviously local news stations use the Breaking News graphics as a marketing tool rather than a true alert to breaking news.

And, sure enough on Sunday, 24 hours after the crash, they still had the Breaking News graphic on the screen.

03. One final thing about the airplane crash. Today on the news, both national and local, I’ve seen the reporters calling the flight attendants who helped the passengers off the plane “heroes“. So, I’m thinking that helping passengers in an emergency situation is what flight attendants are paid to do. That’s their real function on a plane. So, if you are paid to do a job and you do it, are you a hero? Are firefighters heroes every time the put out a blaze? Are paramedics heroes every time they save a life? All of these people, in my opinion, are to be admired and brave, but, are they really heroes?

What do you think?
Are you surprised Anthony Weiner is leading the NYC mayoral race?
Do your local TV news stations overuse “Breaking News” too?
Are people who get paid to help people in emergencies heroes?