10 Things…

Here are ten things that I like or I don’t like or are just of interest at the moment.

01. There’s a really good film on Netflix called Gimme the Loot. It’s a nice little indie film set in New York City. And, of course, it is a coming of age film.

02. As you know Malaysia Airlines flight 370 is missing. It’s been missing for almost a week. No wreckage has been found as of Thursday night. Everybody seems to be guessing what happened, so here is my guess.

I think the plane suffered a slow loss of pressurization. Which would result in a slow loss of oxygen in the cabin. A very rapid loss of pressure in an airline cabin happens very quickly as the name implies. And since it happens very fast it’s very easy for people on board as well as the aircraft itself to sense that pressure was suddenly lost.

But, with a very slow loss of pressure, many times it is very hard to detect for both passengers and the aircraft. Which can lead to a situation where the passengers and crew are overcome by hypoxia and are unable to react by using oxygen masks.

In a situation like this if the plane was flying via the auto-pilot at cruise altitude it can continue flying itself until it runs out of fuel or collides with terrain such as a mountain.

Do you have any theories?

03.  Here’s a really nice song from a group called The Internet. It’s called “Dontcha”. Let me know if you like it.

04. This winter I was really jealous of all the snow most of the country got. Some people think the weather in Northern California is almost perfect. It never gets too hot or too cold. It doesn’t snow and it rarely rains. We get a bit of fog but most people think it adds to the beauty of the area.

For me, however, the weather here is torturous monotony. There’s no real summer nor a real winter. The weather here is a cross between spring and fall all year long except without the rain.

I crave contrast. How can you really appreciate winter without a summer? Or truly appreciate spring without winter?

I miss the coziness of winter and the brutality of summer. And the in-betweeness of spring and fall.

Does that make sense?

05. The WNBA season is right around the corner. And I can’t wait! This off-season while most WNBA players were in Europe making some extra bucks WNBA rookie Skylar Diggins was home in the States living the life of a movie starlet.

Sky made the rounds during the Awards season in L.A. and appeared in the infamous Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.

Some people have been very critical of Skylar’s star status on and off the court. She had a very average rookie season and the naysayers have pounced. They’ve been calling her over-rated and that she is only a star because of her unquestionable beauty.

I think the naysayers are being unfairly harsh with her because of that beauty.  The vast majority of rookie athletes don’t come into the league and take it by storm. Most take 2 to 3 years to develop into the players they are expected to be. So, I look for Sky to be a bit better this season and really come into her own the following season.

Hopefully between now and then she won’t let the naysayers get her down. Go Sky!

07. I’m hooked on Plantain chips now. They are so good and you really can’t eat just one. Have you had them?

08.  If you haven’t checked it out, Dara has a great blog called Truly tafakari. You will find Lots of really relevant posts about all sorts of things there. Enjoy!

09.  If you remember I talked recently about trying tai chi. Well, I’m still at it. My mornings are much better because of it. Now I’m thinking of adding meditation to my day. I’ve been hearing a lot about it lately and how it can enhance your life in all sorts of ways.

Do any of you practice meditation? If so have you noticed any changes because of it such as better moods, etc.?

10. Lastly, I’ve had a crazy wanderlusty thought recently. That’s to buy one of those passes from Greyhound, pack a backpack and hit the road for a month.

You can buy a pass for unlimited travel for a month for about $400. At least that was the price last time I checked. And if I remember correctly you can travel between as many cities as you like for that month.

I’d love to pack a backpack and head to New Mexico and explore a few cities there. Then for some reason I’ve been wanting to go to Montana and maybe the Dakotas. After that I’d love to spend a few days in Chicago and then check out all of the urban farming in Detroit I’ve been hearing about.

What do you think? Sound like a fun idea or pure craziness? Would you ever do something like that?

Welp, those are a few things on my mind at the moment.
What do you think of my little musings?
What’s on your mind?

Fallen Women…

I watched a documentary about former world class track and field sprinter Marion Jones. It covered her rise to the top and her eventual downfall after admitting to using performance enhancing drugs. After watching the documentary I realized how much I miss seeing Marion competing. And, I realized that I also have a soft spot of fallen women.

I remember a few years ago when former Detroit public official Christine Beatty was under a full blown attack in the media after being caught-up in a scandal, that I was pulling for her. And, even though she admitted to doing wrong, the wrong didn’t really matter to me. What I saw in her was an extremely bright woman who made a big mistake.

I wonder what it is about me that makes me pull for and support these women even after they have fallen from grace. I’m not sure what it is other than maybe that women who fall tend to have a much harder time making a comeback then men.

Or, maybe it’s as simple as I like believing in women who are very talented and smart, even if they screw up.

Whatever the reason, I still think of these two women occasionally and I hope they are doing okay. And, at some point I hope they fulfill their promise and rise to the top again.

Do you have a soft spot for fallen people?
Were you a Marion Jones fan before her fall?
Why do you think I have a soft spot for these women?

People, Places and Things

Here are some people, places and things on my mind at the moment.


01. Robin Thicke spends way too much time trying to be that cool White boy giving Black women advice on dating and not enough time doing what he does best, which is making some seriously cool and sometimes funky music.

His brand new song, “Blurred Lines” featuring T.I. and Pharrell is seriously funky and is the perfect spring/ summer jam. Check for it to top the charts in a few weeks.

02. President Barack Obama is making sure that corporate America gets its money’s worth with his new nominee for Federal Communications Commission Chairman. His nominee, Tom Wheeler, who as FCC Chairman will oversee America’s broadcast media was a lobbyist for guess who? The wireless and cable industry. That’s who. Which not so coincidentally will be the same companies that he will now oversee. Isn’t that nice and cozy! I bet AT&T and Comcast are having a party as we speak.


03. I know that some of you that read this blog on a regular basis probably think I’m a little weird or at least a little off-beat. So, this next little item will reenforce those thoughts.

I’ve been thinking for a long time now about starting a cult intentional community. According to Wikipedia, an intentional community is a planned residential community designed from the start to have a high degree of social cohesion and teamwork. The members of an intentional community typically hold a common social, political, religious, or spiritual vision and often follow an alternative lifestyle.

Detroit seems like the perfect place to do this. There are blocks and blocks of empty land for farming as well as thousands of empty buildings and homes that can be bought many times for literally a few hundred dollars.

I’d love to get a group of young progressive African Americans and others together to build a community form scratch with the intent of living in a safe, self-sufficient and welcoming environment.

Anyway, maybe this is just a dream or maybe one day I’ll say f it and hit the road for Detroit.


04. Boeing‘s plane of the future, the 787 or Dreamliner, was grounded this past winter after fires on at least two of the brand new jets started because of its high-tech batteries. This past week the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) cleared the Dreamliner for service after months of testing the batteries but without mandating a change of batteries. Instead allowing only modifications to the problem batteries.

Of course the grounding of Boeing’s brand spanking new plane cost the airplane maker and its commercial airline users millions of dollars. Which may have been the reason the FAA gave the plane an AOK to fly without mandating any major changes.

Once again the FAA has shown itself to be more of an advocate for the airline and airplane industry and less of an ally for the travelling public. Many of you know that I love airplanes but, this is one plane I will not fly on. I personally believe it’s a lemon.

Do you like Robin Thicke’s new song?
Are you surprised by the President’s FCC nominee?
Have you ever been to Detroit?
What do you think of my idea to start an intentional community?
Would you fly on Boeing’s 787?

10 Things on my mind

10. Taylor Swift has awful posture.

09. The media is at it again trying to scare the heck out of us with the big bad mean flu. On TV they always start off with the flu map. Which makes it seem like almost everyone in the country has it. In actuality only a few people, relative to the population, have the flu or will get it. But, the mainstream media will never tell us that.

08. I tried to watch the Golden Globe Awards this past Sunday. But, since I haven’t seen most of the TV shows and films that they gave awards for the show was pretty boring to me. Except for Jodie Foster‘s speech. That was very interesting.

07. So many people seem to find Beyoncé very attractive. I don’t. Her personality or lack of personality is just such a turn-off to me that I can’t see the beauty.

06. Boeing has a new commercial jet. It’s called the Dreamliner. And apparently it’s a lemon.

05. Today is Aaliyah‘s birthday. She would have been 34 years old today.

04. I have a feeling that something is going to come along, very soon, that will take the place of Facebook the way Facebook to the place of MySpace. I think that would be a good thing. Facebook collects too much data. It is Big Brother.

03. Kiwi are a very tasty little fruit.

02. I’ve been sleeping really well lately. It’s been very cold here, so I’m wondering if that could be affecting my sleep in a positive way? And, I’ve been remembering my dreams a lot too. Some of them have been great! One actually involved Alicia Keys. 🙂

01. I think the Baltimore Ravens and the Atlanta Falcons will be in the Super Bowl. Who are your picks?

What’s on your mind?