Flashback Friday: Alicia Keys Covering Essence

AK covering Essence magazine for the first time in March 2002.


The Great Peppermint Iced Tea Discovery

What’s that old saying, necessity is the mother of invention? Welp, it’s true. This week was one of those weeks I didn’t have the whatever it takes to deal with grocery shopping. So, I was scrounging around the cupboards trying to whip up dinner from whatever was on hand.

On Wednesday we ran out of sparkling water. That was a real loss as we drink that stuff with dinner most of the time during the week. What to do? Well early in the day whilst making lunch I decided to have some nice hot peppermint tea. But, it occurred to me that maybe iced peppermint tea was the answer to my sparking water dilemma. Which was drinking plain old tap water or having something hot to drink with dinner.

So, I made the tea, then added sugar, let it cool and then put it in the freezer. And, 30 minutes later, voilà! Iced peppermint tea. And it was so amazingly refreshing. The problem of what to drink with dinner was solved.

What’s interesting though is that I’ve never been a fan of iced tea. Or as they call it in the Southern United States, sweet tea. I’m not sure why they call it sweet tea. I mean do people drink cold tea with no sugar?

Anywhoo, I’ve never been a fan of iced tea. I mean I could drink it but it would never be my first choice. It’s always had a slightly bitter aftertaste which I didn’t particularly like.

So imagine my surprise when my peppermint iced tea experiment turned out so well! But, alas, today is Friday and I can no longer put off grocery shopping. So, even though the Girlfriend and I enjoyed a couple of dinners with peppermint iced tea, it’s time to get back to the sparkling water.

Do you like iced tea?
Have you had peppermint iced tea?
What do you normally drink with dinner?


Do you like the things life is showing you?

I have dreams of living a much simpler life. A life without so many bills. A life without debt. A life without so much stuff. I dream of a life in a secluded place in the woods or in the New Mexico high desert or on a tiny island.

The thing about life is that once we become responsible adults our lives seem to gain a certain momentum. A momentum that leads us in a certain direction. That unseen force begins to dictate the kind of places we live. Where we work. Who are friends are and who our significant others are.

Once we begin to move along with this momentum it becomes increasingly difficult to change course. Even when we question our life’s general direction usually we end-up accepting its direction. Even if in our heart of hearts we’d rather be on another course.

This unseen momentum led me to Northern California. Almost as if I was in some sort of trance I made plans to move and without hesitation moved three thousand miles. I only knew one person in the area. I had no job or living arraignments lined up. I just kicked rocks.

Of course I have a history of kicking rocks, many times on a whim. Somehow I managed to survive. But, now, after multiple moves, I wonder if the current direction of my life is the right one. Or more directly, the one I want.

So, what to do. Kick rocks again? Get rid of all of my worldly entanglements and head out into the unknown?

Do you know where you’re going to?
Do you like the things that life is showing you?
Where are you going to?
Do you know…?

– Theme from Mahogany

What about you?
Do you question your life’s direction?
Have you considered making a drastic life change?