Well 2015 turned out to be a really difficult year. I wasn’t able to accomplish my main goal for 2015. Which was to move. I really hate it here and I’ve become really unproductive because of it.

And  just a few days ago I found out that a really good friend, who I had not been in touch with in years, died. That really hurt. It still hurts.

But, if something good can come out of something bad then hopefully this pain will lead me to get back in touch with quite a few people I’ve become estranged from.

Time goes by and you assume you will see or talk to people you care about but, as they say, there are no guarantees in life. Effort must be made to maintain relationships.

So, I hope that 2016 will bring me the strength to re-build relationships as well as build new ones. Because when it’s all said and done the only thing that will really matter is who you loved and who loved you.

That’s my lesson from 2015.

I hope that where ever you are you are loved and that 2016 will bring even more love to you. That’s what I hope.

Happy New Year!




It’s that time of year again. Christmas! I wish all of you a very merry Christmas. I hope each and every one of you will spend Christmas bathed in love, if not from someone else then from you loving yourself! Please be safe and enjoy!

And I have a Tumblr. Please feel free to stop by and check it out. The link is here: Valunplugged (NSFW)

Until next time…*eHUG*

Happy Autumn!

Well, autumn is here! I love autumn. It’s really the best time of the year. Anyway, I wish all of you a very happy autumn. I’m not sure when I’ll write an actual post. Hopefully I’ll be inspired to do so soon.

Take care!



Black Lives Do Not Matter To American Mainstream Media – 147 College Students Killed In Kenya

If 147 White college students had been murdered by terrorists anywhere in the world the mainstream media in the U.S. would treat that as breaking news and continue to cover that story for weeks on end.

There would be interviews with witnesses. There would be interviews with the families of the victims. Network anchors would fly to the location of the attack. Network newsmagazines such as ABC’s 20/20 and NBC’s Dateline would cover it.

But, when 147 Black college students at Garissa University in Kenya are murdered by terrorists (on 4/2/15) that story is barely covered. Black lives certainly don’t matter to American mainstream news outlets.

Read about the attack here