The secret is out!

The secret is out; Beyoncé lip-synced the National Anthem at Monday’s Presidential Inauguration. A lot of people are seemingly surprised, some even outraged. Imagine that, being outraged because an entertainer entertained.

I’m not surprised nor outraged. For once I’ll defend Beyoncé. She made the right decision to lip-sync. After all Beyoncé is an entertainer, not a singer. For true singers it’s about the moment. How they feel at any given performance will dictate how they sing a particular song. How long to hold a note, when to use their upper or lower register, how much emotion and what kind of emotion to add.

But, for an entertainer it’s only about entertaining. Polishing the act and making sure that each performance is a perfect facsimile of the last and the next.

Beyoncé’s performances have no soul, no heart. Her performances are about perfect execution. Not perfect pitch or perfect emoting. Which is why she was right to lip-sync. And, she entertained the crowd yesterday. In that moment Beyoncé was perfect Beyoncé. She was an empty vessel delivering a song to entertain the masses.

Brava, Beyoncé!


What do you think about Beyoncé’s performance?

The Capitulator-In-Chief does what he does best, he capitulates, again

The United States Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice, who was to be considered as the next Secretary of State, has asked that she no longer be considered for that Cabinet position

Of course what that really means is that the President told her that he was no longer going to nominate her for the job. The President has a lousy record of not standing up for African Americans in his administration.

There have been several Black members of his administration that have come under attack by Republicans. There was Van Jones, Desirée Rogers and of course Mrs. Shirley Sherrod. In the cases of Mr. Jones and Ms. Rogers the President forced them to resign after pressure from Republicans. And the saddest case of all was that of Mrs. Sherrod. She was the victim of a crazy Republican huckster who edited a speech of hers to make it seem as though she was making a racist speech, which she was not. But, the President didn’t wait for all of the information regarding that situation, he fired her. Then he blamed the firing on someone else.

And here we go again, the President is once again showing that he has no fight in him when it comes to African Americans in his administration. The Republicans have been on one about a statement that Ambassador Rice made about an incident in Libya. They claim she made false statements. But, that’s not really the reason. They know that if they could get the President to do as he normally does, capitulate, that the next in line for the Secretary of State job would be Senator John Kerry. If Kerry is approved for the Secretary of State job then his Massachusetts Senate seat will be up for grabs. And that’s what the Republicans really want.

Those Republicans are evil geniuses for sure. They knew that the President would eventually play dead if they attacked an African American on his staff. They have seen it before.

And of course there will be no political price to pay for the President. I mean African Americans, for the most part, worship the President. So they aren’t too likely to see this pattern nor say much about any of this.

In the mean time, another African American Obama Administration employee bites the dust.