10 Reasons Beyoncé didn’t stop Solange from attacking Jay

10 Reasons Beyoncé didn’t stop Solange from attacking Jay

01. She’s not programmed to break up fights

02. Her batteries were low

03. She was pretending in her head that she’d written a song Ne-Yo had already written

04. She was pouting because she had to miss Punky Brewster

05. She forgot who the other people on the elevator were

06.  She was trying to remember her name

07.  She was practicing her Miss America wave (see image above)

08. Solange accidentally hit Bey’s off button

09. She was deciding if the blue or the green crayon was her favorite

10. She was concerned because no one was flying the rocket ship they were on

Do you know of any other reasons Beyoncé didn’t stop Solange?


10 Questions

Here are some things that I’ve been wondering about and a few questions.

10. Why do car commercials targeted to African Americans always involve music or some weird storyline but no information about the car?

09. What actor(s) will get you to see a film on their name alone?

My answer: Denzel, Paul Giamatti, and Judy Marte (above)

07. Am I the only one tired of seeing viral videos of unique ways guys propose marriage to their girlfriends?

06. Which is better; sleeping late in the morning or taking a nice afternoon nap?

My answer: An afternoon nap.

05. Will Beyoncé be a has-been in 5 years?

My answer: Yes.

04. How many of Joe and Katherine Jackson’s children can you name? 

Hint: That’s their oldest child above, Rebbie, and there are eight more.

03. What is your idea of the perfect breakfast?

My answer: A toasted salt bagel w/ cream cheese or butter and iced coffee.

02. Does eating GMO (Genetically Engineered Foods) foods worry you?

My answer: Yes, very much.

01. Do you think better at 2:00am or 2:00pm?

My answer: 2:00am


I can’t wait to see your answers and thoughts! 🙂

Stinky Repairmen, What to make, Silver Linings Playbook and I ain’t no darn stan!

Last week was a really busy one. My girlfriend talked me into inviting a few people over for the Super Bowl. Honestly I’m not much on entertaining. I’d rather go out with friends than have them over. For me home is sanctuary. A place of rest and relaxation. And having company is always stressful.

And of course I was the one who had to plan the menu. Drats! As you all know I am a total amateur when it comes to cooking. I mean, I just learned how to cook rice! At first I had visions of grandeur. I’d make all sorts of creative things that would wow the girlfriend and our guests. Then I snapped out of it and came back to reality.

Our Super Bowl fare consisted of chicken wings, store bought of course, a gigantic salad, an assortment of potato and tortilla chips and dips. But, everyone seemed pleased with it. So, I survived that little get together.Whew!


And if worrying about what to make for guests wasn’t enough, the heater went out. Now it’s not exactly cold here by East Coast crazy blizzard standards. But, it can get very crisp here. And although heat isn’t really necessary during the day a little heat at bedtime and in the morning is required.

So I called and set up an appointment for a repairman to come out. I made a morning appointment hoping he would be in and out before noon. But, I didn’t expect him to show up at 7:45am! Good thing I got up at 7, something I don’t normally do.

Anyway, he was a nice older fellow. And he seemed to know what he was doing. I already knew what was wrong with the heater since I had the gas company come out and check it and tell me. So I wasn’t worried about getting ripped off with unnecessary repairs as will happen sometimes.

The whole process when fairly smoothly. Except. The repairman stunk! And it wasn’t your normal run of the mill funk. It was some sort of special funk. A funk for the ages. After he finished and left I was relieved to get Mr. Funk out of the house.

But, Mr. Funk left a gift that kept on giving. The house still smelled like him after he left! WTF! I opened a bunch of windows and left them open for the afternoon. And then in the evening when the girlfriend came in from work the first thing she said was, “What stinks in here?”. Yikes. I had to break out the Frankincense incense at that point. It took a whole stick of it to get rid of the funk.


I saw the film Silver Linings Playbook. I really didn’t have any interest in seeing it until I realized Robert DeNiro was in it. Also Chris Tucker was in it. It was a pretty interesting film. It was about mental illness and how it can affect a family. Overall it was pretty good. Robert DeNiro is up for an Academy Award for his performance. I’d recommend the film.

Finally, I got into a heated discussion with a friend. She called me a Alicia Keys stan. I am not a stan, I just crush a lot! I explained to her there is a difference between being an avid fan and being a stan.

For instance; if you are a stan and someone criticizes the object of your stanism, you get angry and defend them at all cost. Whereas, if you are simply a loyal fan. as I am, criticism doesn’t really bother you. My joy in being a fan is not that everyone else has to be a fan, it’s just fun to enjoy a particular person over a period of time. You get to see them grow as an artist.

I wouldn’t want to be a stan. They go hard, way hard. Like for instance Beyoncé stans. Or Obama stans. They get personally offended if you criticize in any way the object of their stanism.  I’m sure you’ve all seen them in action. Or just ask Keri Hilson.

Nope, I’m an AK fan. And that’s it. Definitely not a stan. 😉

What was on your Super Bowl menu?
Ever had someone funk up your house?
Seen any good films lately?
What singer are you a really big fan of?

The secret is out!

The secret is out; Beyoncé lip-synced the National Anthem at Monday’s Presidential Inauguration. A lot of people are seemingly surprised, some even outraged. Imagine that, being outraged because an entertainer entertained.

I’m not surprised nor outraged. For once I’ll defend Beyoncé. She made the right decision to lip-sync. After all Beyoncé is an entertainer, not a singer. For true singers it’s about the moment. How they feel at any given performance will dictate how they sing a particular song. How long to hold a note, when to use their upper or lower register, how much emotion and what kind of emotion to add.

But, for an entertainer it’s only about entertaining. Polishing the act and making sure that each performance is a perfect facsimile of the last and the next.

Beyoncé’s performances have no soul, no heart. Her performances are about perfect execution. Not perfect pitch or perfect emoting. Which is why she was right to lip-sync. And, she entertained the crowd yesterday. In that moment Beyoncé was perfect Beyoncé. She was an empty vessel delivering a song to entertain the masses.

Brava, Beyoncé!


What do you think about Beyoncé’s performance?