Hi everyone. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Whether you read my old blog or are a new reader I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by.  You will find commentary about politics and current events, music, maybe a little poetry and of course stuff about Alicia Keys!

So please stop by often and let me know what you think! Comment and comment often!



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  1. Hi Pal/Val

    Although I really don’t know you that well, I see (and relate to) you as an old, familiar, comfortable friend. Or little sister.

    That’s the *the spirit* behind any and every comment I make here. Even the corny, silly, less serious ones. I try not to be too, too serious all of the time. Nonetheless, I’ll try to keep that playful side of mine in check as well. Thanks much for understanding. : ))

    • “Although I really don’t know you that well, I see (and relate to) you as an old, familiar, comfortable friend. Or little sister.”

      One more person added to my little blog family!

      Thanks, Matari. I love your comments! 🙂

  2. You really love Alicia Keys 🙂 but that’s all good, i love her too. 🙂
    I’ll be sure to drop by your blog again and again and again 🙂


  3. Hey Val, great blog! I’m actually the photographer who created images for Miss Aesha Ash, she’s the ballerina in the black and white photo at this address – https://commentarybyvalentina.wordpress.com/tag/aesha-ash/

    I was curious if Miss Ash supplied you with and gave you permission to publish the photo, and if she did, were there any instructions she gave to you regarding how to give credit to the image’s author?

    I look forward to hearing back from you.


    • Hi Paul,

      No, Miss Ash didn’t give permission. I actually found that photo through a go0gle search. If you would like me to give credit for the image let me know how you would like it. It’s a beautiful photo.

  4. Dear Valentina, Could you do me a huge favour? Please! Please!! Please!!! I want to know if you could get my friend Darren, a.k.a. Snow to call me -a friend from over 20 years ago!! I wrote a reggae song which I think would be super for him! We used to jam back in the “Maplehurst” days, and I’ll be in Toronto in late August 2012. I’ve been trying to reach him, and lost his number a while ago. Please ask him to call Fred at (604)779-5070 from Vancouver.Thank you so much!!

    • Hello, Fred.

      I don’t know Snow, Sorry. I may have written a post that included something about him but that’s about it as far as Snow goes. You might try contacting him through his record company. Good luck. 🙂

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