Things that suck and things that do not suck

The world is full of things and people that seem to work hard at being lousy and despite that there are also people and things in the world who work very hard to be great. Today I will acknowledge both.

Things (and people) that suck

01. Tea Party Republicans

02. The media for attacking NFL player Adrian Peterson while he grieves the loss of a child

03. Wendy Williams

04. The NSA

05. USA Today charging $2.00

Things (and people) that do not suck

01. Lowenbrau

02. meatball sandwiches

03. city parks

04. Corey Booker

05.  AK

What things and people do you think suck and don’t suck this week?


16 thoughts on “Things that suck and things that do not suck

  1. I recently read where Cory Booker was elected to the Senate. I thought that was awesome. I don’t know much about Senator Booker besides following a Jersey native on Twitter who retweets him often. And remembering Booker replying to a heckler on Twitter that tweeted Booker asking him to do something about food stamps. Needless to say, the reply was hilarious yet professional. So I thought that was cool.

    Alicia Keys can never suck – wholeheartedly agreed.

    I will never understand Wendy Williams’s appeal. And I remember back in the day when USA Today was .50 cents.

  2. The success of Wiggy… ummm.. I mean Wendy Williams is the perfect argument that karma isn’t always a bitch. Baffles the brain cells.

    I was pleased to see Corey Booker’s ascension, & really hope it grants him more power to make a BIGGER difference than he ever could in Newark as its mayor.

    BTW: I hope my book doesn’t suck, either.

    Take care, Valentina.


    • Lol@Wiggy. Yeah, she’s pretty pitiful. But, she knows who to cow-tow to.

      Yeah I’m hoping Corey will become a true leader in the Senate too.

      Nope, not at all. I tend to read good books rather slowly. I like to linger on pages and really savor the book. I’ll let you know when I’m done.

  3. Things that suck?: Hateful people, using fake identity’s, to post their toxic venom on the internet.. That sucks big time. Trolls ruining otherwise good sites and blogs sucks too.

    Going to the Yogen Fruz store and they only have a couple of flavors,none of them the one I want! x(

    Not being able to go where I want when I want because I don’t drive anymore. That super sucks x(

    800 channels and all playing crap! Another sucky thing!

    Having a non conformist,demanding, eccentric personality with standards that only I seem to understand. Sucky, sucky, (and not in a good way:)

    The list is longer but for now…..:p

    Things that don’t suck?: Real people with real blogs like us. Red,orange and yellow sunsets.
    Seeing the sun come up at the shore. Skinny dipping in a pool, (and if it rains, all the better;) The smell of suntan lotion. Playing with kids (love that!) going to the supermarket. I like it! :)))

    The list is longer but for now….

    Hugs xoxo

    • Yep, internet trolls are the worst. I try to ignore them as much as possible.

      Yogen Fruz? I’ve never heard of that store.

      Driving does make life easier.

      “Having a non conformist,demanding, eccentric personality with standards that only I seem to understand. Sucky, sucky, (and not in a good way:)”

      That describes me too! I thought I was the only one. 🙂

      I agree, those East Coast sunsets are amazing.

      • Hahaha! Yogen Fruz are frozen yogurt stores we have here. l But as usual the farther away you get from the metro area, the less product and choices you have!

        It’s supposed to be “healthy” but I dunno, tastes like ice cream and a whole bunch of other ingredients besides yogurt and fruit in there… There I go again, ya see? Demanding, difficult, critical, standards, oy! :p

      • “It’s supposed to be “healthy” but I dunno, tastes like ice cream…”

        That reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where they go crazy over fat-free frozen yogurt but then find out it really has fat in it. Lol

  4. LOL! Yeah I remember that! I like that program, I’ll watch reruns every so often, but I’ve seen them all so… and I like Cory Booker, he seems like a nice guy. Thing is when they get into power, they change….,.

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