Likes and Dislikes


– Watching Justin Bieber’s career crash and burn

– All the respect that Maya Angelou has received

– Unfrosted Pop Tarts

Orange Is The New Black season 2 is available today

– Sitting on the front steps with the GF in the evening



– Black people making excuses for Justin Bieber

– The Miami Heat (Go Spurs!)

– My local library not having the books I want to read

– Bread

– Missing WNBA games because I don’t have cable


What are you liking and disliking these days?

Likes and Dislikes


– Sunflower seed butter

– This song (Thanks, PA)

– Orchids (Thanks, Desertflower for reigniting my passion for them!)

– Digital TV (Today’s digital TV is better than cable was 20 years ago and it’s free!)

– It’s almost fall!

– Peas and rice

– My library card

– Holding hands with the GF

– The honesty of Staceyann Chin

– The Chatham section of Chicago


– The NY Giants sucking at the start of every season

– Overloading my backpack

– Republicans

– Snoop Lion Dogg

– Finding out I owe taxes from 5 years ago

– Student loan repayment

– People who still pay for things with checks who haven’t pre-written them before reaching the cashier at the grocery store

– Food with no country of origin information

– Macaroni and cheese

RG3 being a punk

What are you liking and disliking these days?

Likes and Dislikes

Here are a few people and things I’m liking and disliking this week


– Classic deep old school NYC House Music like this

– Walking through overgrown foliage

– The New York Daily News

– Grilling on my tiny hibachi grill on a whim on a weeknight

– Track athlete Ivet Lalova


Oprah Winfrey using an incident of racial discrimination as publicity for her new film.

– NFL linebacker(?) James Harrison formally of the Pittsburgh Steelers is now playing for the Cincinnati Bengals? WTF?

Go0gle has now admitted that it reads all GMail emails.

– Running out of stuff I want to eat two days before I planned to go grocery shopping.

CBS’ The Talk

What are you liking/ disliking this week?