It’s just snow, Yo.

Here a few simple facts for the media.

– Often it is very cold in Winter.

– It is not uncommon for there to be snow in Winter.

So, now that I’ve shared these simple facts about Winter, maybe there will be a miracle and the news media will stop acting as though the Apocalypse is coming every other week just because it’s cold or it’s snowing.

Maybe I’m not remembering it correctly but when I was growing up on the East Coast it took a very serious weather event to actually occur before the media reported it.

And, usually it was just a report in passing about a snow storm that had stalled over a major city. I don’t remember the media going on about cold Winter temperatures.

I guess the media figures they can scare people into watching or reading by using a lot of crazy hyperbole and hyping up even the more mild Winter weather events.


Does the media over-coverage of Winter weather annoy you too?

11 thoughts on “It’s just snow, Yo.

  1. Haha! YEAH! I mean really! It’s like the end of the world over there!!! Enjoy guys! It’s gonna happen EVERY year ya know! :))))) Every time I hear the same ol’ “airports have cancelled so many flights” baloney. Like, so what? the world is gonna stop because “airports have cancelled such and such flights” Disgusting!!!

    It’s true what you say,they do it to hype up everyone into watching their crappy news programs 🙂
    Oh but then of course in between, they have the little fluffy, feel good story about some guy who proposes to his girl, on bended knee, in the freezing cold, in 24 inches of snow,in the middle of some stadium,and it was a ‘surprise! AAAAAAWWWWwwwwwwwww!

    Somebody give me a break! x(

    • Yep, it’s the end of the world every other week. Lol. I hate those fluff stories. I’ve stopped watching the entire news show. I just watch the first 10 minutes now to see the headlines.

  2. I wouldn’t say that the over coverage of these things annoys me. I think it has a lot to do with the 24 hour news coverage we have now and the fact that something isn’t always going on……so they make something of non-events in an effort to have news coverage about something. Then again, the reality is that in many instances of these snow storms…..someone dies of the cold. What happens to the homeless? I wonder.

    Yeah, it snows in the winter and I was never a fan of snow.

    I don’t like the cold. When I was a kid I lived in upstate New York and it was as cold as the beJesus…….crazy cold. When I lived in Jersey a few years back, it was cold too. I just checked my iPhone and one of my family members in Jersey is experiencing -8 right now. Hell I’m cold when it’s 60 out. Me and the deep freeze just aren’t good friends.

    • I think you’re right about the news media using weather as time filler. It’s cheap and it’s easy to cover. Lazy.

      I love winter. I miss it a lot. I miss the cozy snowy days and even trudging around in all of it. I have good memories of winter. I know it can turn in to a hassle but it has it’s good points.

      What part of Upstate did you live? I really like Upstate NY.

      • My father was an Air Force officer when I was growing up. I was born on an Air Force Base in Southern California called Vandenberg. But when I was growing up during the 70s my father was stationed at Griffis Air Force Base in Rome, New York.

        It was cold cold cold there in the winter time.

  3. I know that it’s only snow but on the Gulf it’s a big deal. Many people here don’t even have a proper coat. I have snowboard gear from SoCal (which I update to remain fashionable) so I’m good. My house has both gas and electric systems so I’m comfortable at home. Believe me, snow this far south is unusual. It’s not a lot of snow yet it is still a headache. Maybe I’ll go outside and make a snowbaby – as there is not enough of the stuff to make a full sized snowman.

    • I don’t have a problem with the media reporting unusual weather, which is snow in places that don’t normally get snow. But reporting that it’s snowing in Chicago or Buffalo is kind of redundant.

      Hang in there in the snow, UBJ.

      • I’ve still got my topcoat from Jersey days and a good lined trenchcoat to keep me warm. Not to mention dozens of sweather and turtlenecks, and a cashmere hat with matching gloves………but I hate the cold.

        Oh and no, my family never lived abroad. My father did his time overseas more than a few times, but our family never lived outside of The United States.

        You enjoy the cold Val, I’ll take the zero instead.

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