Do you think the Palestinians and Israelis will still be fighting each other 100 years from now?


Seven Things I know…

Here are 7 things I know to be true

01. If there were 200+ White girls kidnapped from anywhere on the planet the entire world would stop revolving

02. If there were 200+ White girls, of any nation, kidnapped anywhere on the planet the United States would send Special Forces troops to retrieve them and capture the kidnappers

03. Despite the media coverage, of late, the world doesn’t seem to get the magnitude of the horrific act of kidnapping 200+ school girls

04. The media was obsessed with the disappearance of a commercial airliner for weeks on end but after just a few days the coverage of the kidnapped school girls has already begun to decline

05. The men responsible for the kidnapping of 200+ school girls need to be captured and killed.

06. Nigeria needs a new government

07. More evil has been done in the name of religion than any other thing


Have I missed anything?



Mr. President, is that you?

I’ve noticed that when governments run by dictators fall they usually fall in a matter of days or weeks. I wonder if the opposite is true of democracies? Do democracies fall very slowly over time? What are the signs that a democracy is falling?

When a democratic government spies on all of its citizens, is that a sign? When a democratically elected president assassinates citizens, is that a sign? When corporations become people, is that a sign? When banks are allowed to crash the economy and make billions while average citizens suffer, is that a sign?

I’m not sure of the answer. But, I do feel that we citizens of the United States are less free than we were a decade ago. How can you be free when you have no privacy from the government? How can we be free when corporations have more power than the people to control government. We citizens seem to have become an after thought. The government only seems to seek our approval at election time.

Maybe this stuff has always gone on. Maybe we just have more information now.  But, even if these things have always gone on, don’t we owe it to ourselves to act now that we know?

What do you think? Is the American democracy falling? Are we less free?