WTF Files: The rise and fall of “Carlos Danger”?

Former Congressman and current New York City Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner and his wife Huma held the most a cringe worthy press conference ever yesterday. The conference was held because an online gossip site published texts that Weiner sent to at least one woman last summer.

Last summer? Yes, last summer after he had already resigned his Congressional seat during his initial sexting scandal. After that scandal his accomplished wife, Huma, who was an top aid to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, stood by her husband.

And, she stood by him again yesterday as Weiner fessed up to another case of sexting. Obviously Weiner has a problem. Honestly I didn’t think the first incident was a huge deal. Lots of married people push boundaries. But, now, after having lost his career once and more importantly putting his wife through so much, he did it again!

Also, this time Anthony Weiner used a special online moniker for his sexts. The name he used was, wait for it, “Carlos Danger“.

WTF indeed.

Yikes. Just when you think you know somebody. And, really, I guess that’s the point of this post. We really don’t know public figures. We know what they want us to know and what we find out on our own. Otherwise these people are total strangers.

And as for Weiner’s wife Huma. I felt bad for her after the first incident, not anymore. Fool the wife once shame on her husband, fool her twice, shame on her.

Do you think Weiner’s run for NYC Mayor is over now?

Or will New Yorkers overlook his actions again?

Why do you think Huma has been and is standing by Weiner?


11 thoughts on “WTF Files: The rise and fall of “Carlos Danger”?

  1. This is a classic case about the inflated ego of politicians. The truly feel like they are made of Teflon. The Ween strikes again! What a head-case! If you saw today’s NY papers… you’d think his goose is cooked, for real. But ya never know, Val…. Politics makes for strange bedfellows. I seriously feel for his wife. She’s staying b/c, as w/ her time w/ Hillary shows, something in her is addicted to power.

    *Psst. Ummm, Mrs Ween: Run, Huma! RUN!*


    • “…you’d think his goose is cooked, for real. But ya never know, Val…. Politics makes for strange bedfellows.”

      Well, I said when he announced his run that he just might win, so nothing would surprise me at this point. Especially since he was leading in the polls. If the media comes down on him too hard that might get a lot of people to side with him. You know how NYers can be.

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  3. It’s called AMORALITY!
    I think he’s got serious issues, but I think she’s the more ambitious and cold one of the two. No love lost there!

    The only interest there is MONEY and POWER and the acquisition of it! I’m thinking she’s that one that pressured him into running again.

    She obviously sees him as her stepladder to the easy and powerful life, and who knows, maybe that’s even one of the reasons he roams??? At this point I’m thinking it could be…

    As soon as it becomes clear there’s not going to be a mayorship, she’ll dump his azz, and go searching for another more feasible candidate LOL!

    Of course she’ll claim “irreconcilable differences” by which she means ‘this loser is going no where, and I have other plans! 😉

    • Lol! I think you might be right about Huma, DF. That’s the only real explaination that makes sense. She can’t possibly love that sicko perv. But, whatever her reason I just can’t feel bad for her anymore. The first time I was in her corner but now she’s on her own.

      Power and the desire for it really mekes people do crazy things. Wow.

  4. Val, when this news broke I immediately thought of your last post about Wiener’s stupidity after he was exposed the first time in wiener gate. Initially, my first thought was that he doesn’t respect his wife at all. Then my thought was that they have some sort of arrangement that gives him the freedom to have extra marital online/text affairs as long as he is not having physical contact with the women. Whatever is going on with the wieners, the fact remains that this latest revelation is just plain embarrassing. Having said this, I still think he has a chance to win because his actions are the actions of lots of people and strangely enough incidents like these tend to humanize public figures and makes them more relatable if that makes any sense. And I have to admit Carlos Danger is a cool ass alias to go by…lol

    • Yeah, J, lot’s of people are coming to the conclusion that they have a professional marriage.

      As for the election. You’re right, you just never know. But, at this point I think he would be an embarrassment to the city. He obviously doesn’t know how to be discreet. So, hopefully the people of the city will think twice before electing Carlos Danger. Lol.

  5. Seriously all jokes aside……….and there are many; I feel for this woman. She looks like she wants to roll up in a ball and die.

    Elect him, I say!!! I know the late night comedians are drooling. Every comedian in the country probably wants him to be elected mayor. The first thing he’ll probably do as mayor is initiate a “pole tax” or in his case a “gherkin tax.”

    Maybe he’s just so proud of his dick he feels that everyone should see it?!?

    • I used to have sympathy for Huma, Reggie. But, at this point I think she’s getting what she needs to get out of this.

      Oh boy, if he is elected the jokes will never stop.

  6. So, So… So she went from GETTING Major-Props from You to GETTING DROPPED Huh O_o

    Heeyyyyy the Man’s last name is WEINER Though (This should’ve Been Expected…) NO?!!?

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