Black Lives Do Not Matter To American Mainstream Media – 147 College Students Killed In Kenya

If 147 White college students had been murdered by terrorists anywhere in the world the mainstream media in the U.S. would treat that as breaking news and continue to cover that story for weeks on end.

There would be interviews with witnesses. There would be interviews with the families of the victims. Network anchors would fly to the location of the attack. Network newsmagazines such as ABC’s 20/20 and NBC’s Dateline would cover it.

But, when 147 Black college students at Garissa University in Kenya are murdered by terrorists (on 4/2/15) that story is barely covered. Black lives certainly don’t matter to American mainstream news outlets.

Read about the attack here


Flashback Friday: Troop

Troop is a late 80s/ early 90s R&B group originally from Pasadena, California. TROOP is an acronym for “Total Respect Of Other People”. The five members were, Steve “Random” Russell, Allen McNeil, John Harreld, Rodney Benford and Reggie Warren.

The group has had five number one singles and ten top ten singles on the Billboard R&B Charts. They released five albums, which include three certified gold and one certified platinum album.

 Troop is most notable for a series of number one R&B hits, including two popular cover versions of songs such as “All I Do Is Think of You” and “Sweet November“, originally performed by, The Jackson 5 and The Deele respectively. They also had number-one hits with original songs such as “Mamacita” and “Spread My Wings”.

When people talk about the best R&B groups of the 80s/ 90s Troop is often forgotten, which is a shame because they were a very good group.

Troop – All I Do Is Think Of You

Troop – Spread My Wings

Do you remember Troop?

Mr. President, is that you?

I’ve noticed that when governments run by dictators fall they usually fall in a matter of days or weeks. I wonder if the opposite is true of democracies? Do democracies fall very slowly over time? What are the signs that a democracy is falling?

When a democratic government spies on all of its citizens, is that a sign? When a democratically elected president assassinates citizens, is that a sign? When corporations become people, is that a sign? When banks are allowed to crash the economy and make billions while average citizens suffer, is that a sign?

I’m not sure of the answer. But, I do feel that we citizens of the United States are less free than we were a decade ago. How can you be free when you have no privacy from the government? How can we be free when corporations have more power than the people to control government. We citizens seem to have become an after thought. The government only seems to seek our approval at election time.

Maybe this stuff has always gone on. Maybe we just have more information now.  But, even if these things have always gone on, don’t we owe it to ourselves to act now that we know?

What do you think? Is the American democracy falling? Are we less free?