Seven Things I know…

Here are 7 things I know to be true

01. If there were 200+ White girls kidnapped from anywhere on the planet the entire world would stop revolving

02. If there were 200+ White girls, of any nation, kidnapped anywhere on the planet the United States would send Special Forces troops to retrieve them and capture the kidnappers

03. Despite the media coverage, of late, the world doesn’t seem to get the magnitude of the horrific act of kidnapping 200+ school girls

04. The media was obsessed with the disappearance of a commercial airliner for weeks on end but after just a few days the coverage of the kidnapped school girls has already begun to decline

05. The men responsible for the kidnapping of 200+ school girls need to be captured and killed.

06. Nigeria needs a new government

07. More evil has been done in the name of religion than any other thing


Have I missed anything?




7 thoughts on “Seven Things I know…

    • Yeah it almost feels like she’s covering a bit for the fact that her husband isn’t really doing much to help find the girls.

  1. I agree with every word on here. I think it’s a damn shame. But, it’s really no surprise, we’re on the bottom of the totem pole. It just hurts my heart to know that 200 black girls are missing and no one gives a damn. But, I remember when one lil white boy was going to get caned in Singapore for vandalism , the frigging entire US of A was hysterical!

    • I remember that and it was news for weeks on end. You’re also right about Black women and girls being at the bottom of the ‘who America and the world cares about’ list.

  2. I agree with all you’ve written. It’s a sad,sad situation. Too sad, and nobody seems to care as you say. I pray those mothers will find some sort of solace,but more importantly that those girls will be returned!

    How dare anyone just think they can steal our precious children on a whim to do with as they will! How dare they!!!

    • I agree, I hope their mothers can find some peace of mind as well. But, that’s going to be very difficult unless they are found alive and brought home.

  3. It ocurred to me thst they may also have been taken for organs. There is a huge market in that area as people who are in need of organs will pay anything.
    God forbid!

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