10 Things: News and Pop Culture Edition

A few things in the news and pop culture have been getting my attention of late. So, I thought I’d share my thoughts.

01.  Was James Gandolfini a former U.S. President? No offense to him, he was a really good actor, but the media coverage of his recent death seems way out of proportion to his stature. Am I wrong?

02.  Some people seem surprised that Paula Deen is apparently a bigot and possibly a racist. I’m not. Are you?

03. North West? Well by now I’m sure that you’ve heard that Kimye had a little girl. And, that they’ve named her “North West”. Personally I think “East West” would have been nicer for a girl. What do you think of the name?

04. In the last couple of weekends about 50 people have been shot and several killed in Chicago’s South and East communities. Even though I’m not surprised I find it amazing that that Obama person hasn’t said a word about it. And, the national media coverage has almost been non-existent. Do you think that the Governor of Illinois ought to declare a State of Emergency and send in the National Guard?

And now please enjoy this intermission which features a musical interlude from Craig Mack which was originally released in 1994.

05. Are you pro-LeBron or anti-Lebron. I’m anti-Lebron.

07. At first I thought Edward Snowden was doing a good thing revealing how the government has been spying on American citizens by keeping track of Verizon customer’s calls. Now though Snowden seems to have gone off the rails. He’s leaking info about the U.S. spying on China. Seems to me the U.S. is supposed to be spying on China. So, at this point, I’m hoping they lock him up. And another thing, how does a high school dropout get a job first with the CIA and then as a analyst for a NSA intelligence contractor? Do you think he ought to face charges?

09. Is our choice for President in 2016 going to boil down to Clinton vs. Christie?

10. If Skylar Diggins was as good at tennis as she is at basketball I think she’d become one of the biggest sports stars in the world. What do you think?


Please share your thoughts!



19 thoughts on “10 Things: News and Pop Culture Edition

  1. 02. Paula Deen – I’m not surprised that she’s racist; I’m just surprised that she’s so nonchalant and vocal about it.

    03. Baby North – Hate it (the name, not her)

    04. Chicago – No, not surprised about the lack of attention from Obama and the media, it seems par for the course. Hmm, not sure about the State of Emergency – I suppose it couldn’t hurt.

    OH MAN! I LOVE FLAVA IN YA EAR! * bobbing my head * Thanks for the musical intermission 🙂

    05. Lebron – I’m more Lebron-neutral

    06. No six?! Sneaky…

    07. Snowden – Yes, definitely should face charges… if they can catch him that is.

    09. Christie vs. Clinton – God, I hope not.

    • Well, I think some successful people think they can get away with anything. So, they become relaxed and then they screw up.

      Yeah, North falls flat.

      My point exactly, it couldn’t hurt.

      Glad you enjoyed it!

      LeBron neutral?


      Yeah I know, right. He’s in Russia nd is supposed to be going to Cuba. He knows the right countries to go to that don’t like the U.S.

  2. Wow Val. You’ve left much to comment on… & it’s early.. so I’ll just tackle the James G issue:

    I think the actor’s role in The Sopranos represented a cultural shift in perception; much like Brando did in The Godfather & the edgier roles throughout his career. Both actors were very talented, capable of projecting vulnerability and the worst of human nature in the blink of an eye. That must strike a chord in some people. This being said, I too am a bit perplexed by the media’s love affair w/ the actor’s recent death. IThere are far more iconic & longer lasting celebrities, who, when they pass on, don’t receive the same degree of press or attention.

    Truthfully, 15 years ago, most of us never even heard of James Gandofini.

    Maybe there are those in the media who want to use his passing (at 51 from a heart attack) as a Teachable Moment?


    • I agree, Lin. There are so many huge stars that die and they only get a sentence in the media. That’s why this coverage is crazy to me.

  3. 01) Will NEVER UNDERSTAND Such Coverage and as far as MOVIE ROLES Go… Dude was a Fing BLIP ON THE SCREEN Though (MmmHmm…) I Personally LIKE/LUV His Movie Roles which were MAINLY Supporting Actor/Character Actor ROLES but The Soprano-Role didn’t WARRANT That MUCH ACCLAIM for the PRESS COVERAGE His Passing Received — IMO

    02) HELLZ NO… ONLY A Mindless MFer would think OTHERWISE Though — IMO

    03) Total NONSENSE But Him getting with The SLUT-BUCKET was NONSENSE… Sooo WTF Else is NEW regarding The CON-MAN Though… #SMDH

    04) Imma leave THIS ONE ALONE Though… Hits TOO CLOSE To Home #NoFanOfOBAMA #SMDH

    05) WE KNOW VAL!!!!!!!!!! #LMAOOOOOO ;-D

    06) OHHHHHH… O_o

    07) Ahhhh Becuz HE’S A YT MALE… #LOL
    The U.S. and China have been BEST BUDS for DECADES (Just Research The Trading Agreements and The $$$ They’ve EXCHANGED Though…) What He’s DONE is NOWHERE NEAR WORST than WTF Our Govt along with The MAJOR CORPORATIONS ON U.S. SOIL gets away with ON THE REGULAR Though (Just my Opinion/Observation…)

    08) Ohhhh Again… O_o


    10) Ridiculously OVERRATED Though… Her Talents-n-Skillz in Basketball being TRANSLATED TO Tennis would place her OUTSIDE of the TOP 10 Tennis Players in the World (DAT Ain’t getting you GRAND SLAMS On The Regular…)

    NOW If you’re speaking of ENDORSEMENT $$$ as far as Sports Star Then PERHAPS But That isn’t necessarily GUARANTEED EITHER… Remember Anna-K STAR-Status only took her SO FAR becuz She couldn’t WIN ENUFF (MmmHmm…)

    And THAT Kayne West aka CON-Man Pic is BANANAS Though!!!!! ;-D

    • Yep, ELove, the coverage is truly baffling.

      I saw a bit on the news tonight about Paula Deen. They showed a line of people waiting to go into her restaurant. And guess who was in line, yep, some Black folks.

      Yeah, Kanye is off the rails.


      I totally agree. U.S. corporations are out of control. But, they ae going to get this guy now on gp.

      Ahhh, you noticed the second non-number. Lol

      ELove seriously?! Have you ever seen her play? There is absolutely nothing overrated about Skylar. Nothing!

      • Ahhh Darling… Imma a HUGE Women’s College Sports Fan including BASKETBALL (Don’t EVEN TRY ME Babayyyyy…) #LOLOL ;-D

        You just LUV HER LQQK (LIKE So Many Others Though…) #DontLieAbmitIT O_o

      • Nope, it’s not just her looks. She’s beautiful but, she’s also one of the best women’s bball players in the world, ELove. Why won’t you give her the due respect she deserves?! 😦

      • She’s Very GOOD but NOT GREAT and She’s definitely NOT The Best Point Guard in THE WORLD (Not EVEN CLOSE…) Shylar is HYPE… Only time will tell If She’s ACTUALLY As GREAT As THE MEDIA Wants HER TO BE Though (MmmHmm…)

  4. 01. While I thought that James Gandolfini was great in The Sopranos, I thought that the coverage was a bit much. You’d think that Al Pacino died or something. But let’s just wait and see what happened when Nelson Mandela dies.

    02. Paula Deen – Not only am I not surprised that she is no stranger to the use of these types of words, I think there are millions of Americans that are fooling themselves into believing that many of the people they see on the boob tube are good, righteous, Christian people.

    03. Actually Kimye sounds better than the name they came up with. I want to say that I feel for the kid, but……..how do you feel for the kid born with a golden spoon in her little mouth? If she’s lucky she’ll be beautiful like her mother.

    04. Chicago – No, not surprised about the lack of attention from anyone. Does anyone really care about the people dying there…..with the exception of people that look like them and their familieis possibly?!? At the end of the day, the president is a politician and that type of care and concern only sells when the recipient is blonde haired and blue eyed and wearing ribbons in her hair.

    05. Lebron – I’m just not impressed, so I don’t care. I haven’t watched the NBA since HE HIMSELF retired years ago.

    06. C’mon Val, what’s up with the six?!?

    07. Snowden – Yes, definitely he should be tried and if found guilty…..they should hang his ass. I think that dude was making like $125,000.00 a year. I think he’d look good in prison orange for a few years………and not in federal prison, but maybe they should let the state of New York keep him somewhere in general population.

    08. C’mon Val, what’s up with the eight?!?

    09. The election is years away, a lot of things can change over that time…and probably will. No one really wants to hear it, but I think Hillary will be too old to be president, though I’m sure she’ll run. The president’s job should go to a younger man or woman….say around 50?!? It ages the hell outta them. I think next time around Hillary will be 68 or 69,

    10. What I do think about Skylar Diggins is that she’s smoking hot!!!

    • True, Reggie, because if Mr. Mandela doesn’t get 10x the coverage James Gandolfini got there needs to be some hell raising going on.

      Yeah, I’m always suspect of TV types like her myself.

      Great idea, Reggie. Kimye would have been a great name!

      Yep, Obama has proven to be very Reagan like, hasn’t he.

      I’m with you. The last time I paid any real attention tho the NBA was the mid 90s when the Bulls where hot. LeBron and the Heat are a very poor facsimile of the Bulls.

      I have to make sure people are paying attention. Lol

      Yeah, this high school drop out making 125 grand a year is such a WTF.

      I see you were still paying attention. 🙂

      Yeah, apparently it’s taboo to talk about her age because that would supposedly be seen as being sexist. But, you’re right, she’s going to be really old.

      Lol. Yep.

  5. I never watched Sopranos. Why watch glorified mafiosi? As for the government, none of them really care what happens to the citizens. K’s baby, well I’m glad she had one, she had problems because her mother put her on birth control from the age of 14! So more likely than not they used one of her sisters eggs. The name sucks but they’re all nuts so I’m not surprised 😉 Snowden wants to be a hero, and we know what happens to them! Who else, oh, no I think Hillarys too old and tired, she won’t run again, and Christie doesn’t have the you know whats so it’s going to be someone else.

    • I forgot Ms Deen. So glad that former employee sued her and all this came to light! She’s wanting to relive the plantation days is she? Well let her have a taste of the ‘other’ side of plantation life now! 🙂

    • Lol@Kim using her sister’s egg.

      Yep, that name is pretty bad.

      I think you’re right, Hillary will be about 70 years old in 2016. I think they will convince Christie to run, even though I don’t think he want’s to.

      Hopefully Deen will lose that suit and have to pay big bucks.

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