13 thoughts on “Photo de Jour

  1. Three things I thought while looking at this picture:

    1) Nicole has a great body.
    2) She is what I want to look like when I’m in my 40s (but I probably won’t because I love carbs way too much)
    3) Hasn’t she had like 10 kids or something? How does her stomach still look like that??

  2. Mad beautiful people are WORK, Val. Trust!

    re Nicole’s loveliness: It reminds me of that saying… ‘for every beautiful woman, there’s a man (or woman) somewhere out there who is tired of dealing with (nice word) their ass!’ In her case, Eddie must’ve been THAT man. lol.


  3. She looks really great here. There have been many times in the past when I’ve seen photos of her and I thought she didn’t look anywhere near this good.

    I was also thinking that she’s had enough children to live in a shoe and her body looks great.

      • She looks phenomenal in this picture though. She’s got an incredible body and there are women half her age that wish they looked this good. Now after all these years I finally see what Eddie saw. There were times in the past when I saw her and thought that she looked like a man with a wig on.

  4. From Right BELOW Her Belly-Button to the TOP of Her Knees… She’s Just PURE DEVASTATION Though!!!!! (I Mean THOSE THIGHS Along with EVERYTHING ELSE…) in DAT REGION I Mentioned #LAAAAWWWWDDDDDDD ;-D

  5. Damn! She makes me wanna do crunches and lunges right nah!
    Right after I get me a Big Mac combo! LOL
    Nicole looks fabulous! I’m gonna have to give up the ghost on trying to get my body to look like that again.

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