10 Things I want for Christmas

Well, Christmas is just around the corner. I know this not because of the falling leaves or the Winter chill or because Thanksgiving has come and gone but because all the crazies were out on Black Friday.

I understand that most people want stuff and want a nice discount to go along with it but shopping on Black Friday is just crazy.

Anyway, since Christmas is just a few weeks away I thought it would be fun to compile a list of my 10 most wanted gifts for Christmas. And, maybe, just maybe, my girlfriend Santa will see my list and put a little something under my Charlie Brown Christmas tree!

So here goes.

10. I would like it if this country could find a way to house the homeless.
09. I would like the President to actually pay some Presidential attention to Black Americans, many of whom are suffering more than most during this recession.
08. I would like all foods containing Genetically Modified products to be labelled.
07. I would like a Easy Bake oven for adults because baking is hard!
07. I would like Chamique Holdsclaw’s memoir, “Breaking Through: Beating The Odds Shot After Shot”
06. I would like Beyonce to retire from show business.
06. I would like global warning to become a priority in this country.
05. I would like AK’s husband to decide he wants to be a Buddhist Monk.**
05. I would like absolute peace on the entire African continent.
03. I would like PBS to be defunded.
03. I would like Robin Roberts to have a speedy recovery.
02. I would like to never hear the song Gangnam Style ever again.
02. I would like same gender marriage to be legal everywhere in this country!


01. I would like a Vespa scooter!

What 10 things do you want for Christmas?

**Since I mentioned Alicia Keys in this post I had an excuse to post another pic of her. 🙂