Flashback Friday: Cynda Williams

Cynda Williams, born Cynthia Williams in Chicago, burst on to the scene in Spike Lee’s 1990 film Mo’ Better  Blues. She played the beautiful and complicated Clarke Betancourt. Two years later she starred in the thriller One False Move.

From that meteoric start Cynda’s career seemed to have settled into mostly supporting roles. Which is a shame since Cynda is an amazingly charismatic and beautiful actor.

Since her film debut Cynda has done more than 20 films and countless television guest starring roles. Her latest film, released in 2012, is Turning Point which stars Ernie Hudson.

Cynda with Denzel in Mo’ Better Blues

According to Cynda’s Facebook page she continues to act on stage and in film. And, the talented Cynda Williams is also an accomplished singer. Check out her classic performance singing Harlem Blues from the film Mo’ Better Blues below.

I’ve always thought that Cynda was one of the most underrated actors in the business. I look forward to seeing her for many years to come.

Did you see One False Move?
What did you think of Cynda in Mo’Better Blues?


10 Questions

Here are some things that I’ve been wondering about and a few questions.

10. Why do car commercials targeted to African Americans always involve music or some weird storyline but no information about the car?

09. What actor(s) will get you to see a film on their name alone?

My answer: Denzel, Paul Giamatti, and Judy Marte (above)

07. Am I the only one tired of seeing viral videos of unique ways guys propose marriage to their girlfriends?

06. Which is better; sleeping late in the morning or taking a nice afternoon nap?

My answer: An afternoon nap.

05. Will Beyoncé be a has-been in 5 years?

My answer: Yes.

04. How many of Joe and Katherine Jackson’s children can you name? 

Hint: That’s their oldest child above, Rebbie, and there are eight more.

03. What is your idea of the perfect breakfast?

My answer: A toasted salt bagel w/ cream cheese or butter and iced coffee.

02. Does eating GMO (Genetically Engineered Foods) foods worry you?

My answer: Yes, very much.

01. Do you think better at 2:00am or 2:00pm?

My answer: 2:00am


I can’t wait to see your answers and thoughts! 🙂