10 things that make me happy!

10. Being able to buy iced coffee by the half gallon instead of buying super expensive Starbucks Frappuccino! I’m saving a ton of money!

09. Unexpectedly good films! I saw a film on Bounce TV last week called, “‘I’m Through with White Girls (The Inevitable Undoing of Jay Brooks)”. The film is about a Blerd who only dates White women, as he thinks Black women won’t get him. But, he realizes it’s time for a change and actively tries to date Black women. And, when he finally meets someone, that’s when the film gets really good. I highly recommend this film!

07. Brittney Griner dunking!

06. Smart Phones! I’ve decided to fire my ISP and get a smart phone!

05. Short breaks from blogging!

04. Planning trips!

03. This photo!

02. New fancy shower head with a dozen different settings!

01. Spring!


What’s making you happy!



Did you know about Bounce TV? If so, why didn’t you tell me!?

So, it’s a little past 3am on Sunday morning and I am awake. I am a lifetime member of the night owl’s club so I’m often awake at this time. Usually I read or watch a dvd or do some work. But, this morning I decided to watch a little TV.

I started by surfing the channels and came across a Soul Train episode. And, I was like what the heck? Why is soul train on Univision?

It turns out that this channel does belong to Univision but, it is being used to broadcast another TV channel now. And, that TV channel is called Bounce TV and it is a Black owned TV channel!

Bounce TV is the first ever Black owned and operated broadcast TV network! History has been made folks.

I am shocked that I have heard absolutely nothing about Bounce TV. I checked wikipedia and was again surprised to see that Bounce TV was founded by Andrew Young and Martin Luther King III in 2011! It has been on the air since 2011 and I haven’t heard a darn thing about it.

How is that possible?

Bounce TV is aimed toward African Americans between the ages of 25 and 54. It shows films, documentaries, sports, past TV series and some original programming.

If you haven’t heard of Bounce and want to know if you can see it in your area, you can check here. It is broadcast in all top 10 markets and reaches 55% of the country. And, best of all, you don’t need cable to see it!

Have you heard of Bounce TV?
Have you seen Bounce TV?
If you’ve seen it, what do you think of it?