To 2012 I say, Auf Wiedersehen, Ciao, Salaam, Joi gin, Khoda hafaz, Näkemiin, À bientôt, Aloha, Namasté, Farvel, Do svidanja, Cuídate, Kwaheri, Goodbye and don’t let the doorknob hit ya’ on the way out!!

Well, 2012 is almost over and it feels like just in time. It was a decent year overall but I doubt I’ll be doing a lot of reminiscing about this past year much in the future.

There were, however, some notable things about 2012. Here are a few of them.


There really are only three songs that were released this year that I will continue to listen to and will mean something to me in future years. The first is “Play” by Goapele. It is just such a smooth, almost meditative song. And the second is “Adorn” by Miguel. That song’s vocals and sound are reminiscent of classic R&B but with a modern production feel. Last mention goes to The Alabama Shakes and their song “Hold On“. The vocals on that song are best described as, wow!


I really enjoyed the London Olympics despite NBC’s lousy coverage. Gabby Douglas is so cute! I wanted to put her in my pocket. And she rocked the house winning overall Gold in gymnastics. My favorite athlete, Lolo Jones, didn’t win Gold but she showed the incredible heart that I admire about her for making the U.S. Team and then after losing her event, the hurdles, she displayed the grace that she showed in Beijing in 2008. And now she’s found herself a new career on the U.S. Bobsled Team!


The Presidential election was disappointing in many ways. The candidates managed to avoid talking about many of the most important issues facing this country, such as poverty, record breaking incarceration, Global Warming and Marriage Equality.

The candidates lived in a bubble created by the mainstream media and big money, leaving the average American feeling like the spectators that we have truly become in the political process.

The candidate who was the lesser of two evils, Barack Obama, won, thankfully. His victory was partly due to having all of his campaigning ducks in a row and that he faced a lousy opponent, Mitt Romeny.

But, as 2012 comes to a close those idiots in Washington are once again proving that their allegiance is to big money rather than the American people. They continue to play a game of nobody wins politics even as the Nation faces another financial collapse, if they don’t get their jobs done.

There’s a big debate about gun control in America at the moment. And I support reasonable gun control but as I see what’s going on in Washington maybe we do need our guns. A revolution might be in order.


This wasn’t a great year for film, in my opinion. Most of the films released these days are aiming at the lowest common denominator. There were a couple of bright spots however. The ones that stood out the most to me were led by the amazing breakthrough film, “Pariah“.

The second film I loved this year was, “A Kiss Of Chaos“.

And the final film that I really liked was, “The Mortician“.

Marriage Equality

Thankfully this country continues to make progress on the issue of Same Gender Marriage. We still have a very long way to go but, at this moment Same Gender Marriage is legal in nine States and the District of Columbia. And it is expected that the U.S. Supreme Court will rule on the issue sometime in 2013.


For the most part TV continues to suck. There are a few shows on cable that I hear are pretty good but I don’t have cable so I’m stuck watching over the air TV. The bright spot for me has been being able to view the series Unsung on dvd. The show airs on TV One. It’s an amazing series for a music lover like me. The best episodes so far are Unsung: Phyllis Hyman, Unsung: Teddy Pendergrass, Unsung: Ray Parker, Jr., Unsung: Vesta. I still have a whole lot of episodes to see and I can’t wait to see them!


I learned how to cook rice in 2012! And I am darned good at it! I can cook long grain, brown and even jasmine!  🙂 Sadly though just as I learned to cook rice some new study came out (don’t you hate studies) saying that most rice is contaminated with arsenic. 😦

What was notable about 2012 for you?
Are you happy to say goodbye to 2012?