Likes and Dislikes

Here are a few people and things I’m liking and disliking this week


– Classic deep old school NYC House Music like this

– Walking through overgrown foliage

– The New York Daily News

– Grilling on my tiny hibachi grill on a whim on a weeknight

– Track athlete Ivet Lalova


Oprah Winfrey using an incident of racial discrimination as publicity for her new film.

– NFL linebacker(?) James Harrison formally of the Pittsburgh Steelers is now playing for the Cincinnati Bengals? WTF?

Go0gle has now admitted that it reads all GMail emails.

– Running out of stuff I want to eat two days before I planned to go grocery shopping.

CBS’ The Talk

What are you liking/ disliking this week?


Val’s Netflix Recommendations

So, as you may remember, I finally have Netflix. And, I have been really enjoying it. It is a wonderful alternative to way over-priced cable, which I haven’t had since 2008.

Anyway, I thought I would share some great films and docs I’ve seen on Netflix recently. I hope you will feel free to make some recommendations to me as well.

01. The World Unseen – This is a love story set in 1950’s South Africa. It stars the amazingly beautiful Sheetal Seth (above) and Lisa Ray. It follows two ethnically Indian, South African women as they deal with the restrictions and abuses of apartheid while developing a special friendship.

02. El Infierno – This is a Mexican gangster film with a lot of twists and turns. For some reason this film is marketed as a comedy but it is decidedly not. There are funny situations but this is a film about Narcos, Mexico’s political corruption and love. Warning, it is very violent. And the film is in Spanish so there are subtitles.

03. Carrier – This is a series about life on board a naval aircraft carrier. It follows a number of different sailors and aviators throughout their time at sea. The series is very honest and doesn’t pull any punches about life in the navy or on board a carrier. The series is definitely not a recruitment project.

04. ESPN Films: Unguarded – This documentary is part of ESPN’s 30 for 30 series on different sports topics. This particular one is about former pro basketball player Chris Herren and his struggles with substance abuse. The feature documents his rise as a high school star and his troubled college and pro careers.

05. Religulous – I’m not really a Bill Maher fan. In fact I think most times he’s a somewhat racist idiot. But, he hits it out of the park in his documentary about questioning the worlds religions. Maher travels around the U.S. and world asking religious people, scholars and clergy about their faith, religious teachings and much more. If you are religious and are easily hurt by people who question religion and religious faith then this isn’t the doc for you. But, if you have an open mind and want to learn a thing or three about religion then this is a great doc to see.

I hope you get a chance to check out these films. If you do please let me know what you thought of them And, I hope you have some Netflix film recommendations for me as well.

10 Things I want for Christmas

Well, Christmas is just around the corner. I know this not because of the falling leaves or the Winter chill or because Thanksgiving has come and gone but because all the crazies were out on Black Friday.

I understand that most people want stuff and want a nice discount to go along with it but shopping on Black Friday is just crazy.

Anyway, since Christmas is just a few weeks away I thought it would be fun to compile a list of my 10 most wanted gifts for Christmas. And, maybe, just maybe, my girlfriend Santa will see my list and put a little something under my Charlie Brown Christmas tree!

So here goes.

10. I would like it if this country could find a way to house the homeless.
09. I would like the President to actually pay some Presidential attention to Black Americans, many of whom are suffering more than most during this recession.
08. I would like all foods containing Genetically Modified products to be labelled.
07. I would like a Easy Bake oven for adults because baking is hard!
07. I would like Chamique Holdsclaw’s memoir, “Breaking Through: Beating The Odds Shot After Shot”
06. I would like Beyonce to retire from show business.
06. I would like global warning to become a priority in this country.
05. I would like AK’s husband to decide he wants to be a Buddhist Monk.**
05. I would like absolute peace on the entire African continent.
03. I would like PBS to be defunded.
03. I would like Robin Roberts to have a speedy recovery.
02. I would like to never hear the song Gangnam Style ever again.
02. I would like same gender marriage to be legal everywhere in this country!


01. I would like a Vespa scooter!

What 10 things do you want for Christmas?

**Since I mentioned Alicia Keys in this post I had an excuse to post another pic of her. 🙂