I normally sleep through earthquakes but for the first time since I’ve been living in California a earthquake woke me up. It scared the begesus out of me. And, it lasted for what seemed like a really long time. Fortunately though, no damage.


8 thoughts on “Housequake!

  1. Good that you are well. My sister is terrified by earthquakes yet she still lives in LA. Growing up, they never did anything to get me excited. Being that there are about 15 quakes a year greater than 5.0 many people born and raised in the state shrug and keep things moving.

    • Hiya, UBJ. Thanks! 🙂 They don’t terrify me but the ‘big one’ is coming and that’s the thing that makes the small quakes jarring. You never know when a quake begins if it’s going to be the big one or not until it’s over.

  2. Wow, glad that you’re ok Val. When I lived in San Diego, that was the one thing that worried me. I didn’t like the thought of going through an Earthquake. You know that I’m a hurricane type of girl 🙂

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