Likes and Dislikes


– Watching Justin Bieber’s career crash and burn

– All the respect that Maya Angelou has received

– Unfrosted Pop Tarts

Orange Is The New Black season 2 is available today

– Sitting on the front steps with the GF in the evening



– Black people making excuses for Justin Bieber

– The Miami Heat (Go Spurs!)

– My local library not having the books I want to read

– Bread

– Missing WNBA games because I don’t have cable


What are you liking and disliking these days?


19 thoughts on “Likes and Dislikes

  1. Hi Val

    Hope you are well!!

    There is no excuse for Beiber’s behaviour. Hopefully that Iggy Azalea will crash and burn in similar fashion!
    This weekend will be all about OITNB season 2. Trying very hard to dodge the spoilers 😉

    • Hiya, Suddie! I’m well. It’s good to hear from you. 🙂

      Yeah, Bieber needs to just go away. I agree about Iggy. Whenever I hear her rap it always sounds like she’s mocking Black women.

      I know, right. I can’t wait to start binging on OITNB! I have my snacks ready. Lol

    • I just finished my OITNB binge! I loved it…that’s all I’m gonna say because I don’t want to spit out any spoilers. 🙂
      I like the bald eagles around my house. They give me a reason to get some exercise in. I dislike the funeral they had in the city. The woman was waked sitting upright at a table with a case of beer, cigarettes and a disco ball. They had a live DJ at the funeral playing “who dat say they gon beat dem saints.” Naturally, It’s gone viral.
      Sigh…I love my city but……..

      • Oh my, BC, the pics from that funeral have been all over my facebook feed. Yikes.

        Have you seen any bald eagle babies this year?

        The second season of OITNB was very good and even better than season one.

      • Yeah Val, I’ve been following the babies for a while now. I even caught one taking its first flight! It’s pretty amazing,

  2. I also like that #OITNB is back in full effect. It truly is Netflix’s saving grace. What I don’t like is not having anyone to watch it with. :/
    I like the interviews I’ve been going on, but having to make a decision about the right fit is ughhhhhh.
    I like the weather we are having today. It’s like 71 degrees and sunny, and it feels perfect. No humidity. (I dislike humidity)
    I like meeting new people, it is a reminder that I should be more active, etc.
    I like staying home.
    I like naps. One is calling after this comment.
    I like when people invest time with me.
    I like that Game 1 was a victory for the Spurs!
    I like libraries too, but they get a lot of money from me because I’m not good with due dates. I dislike due dates.

    • I owed some money to the library here but then they changed their system and all the fines were forgiven. I was a happy camper.

      Game one was more interesting than I expected. I usually can’t sit through a whole NBA game.

      I have come to appreciate naps. And I’m kind of a homebody too.

      Wow, that’s unusually mild weather for the east coast. Enjoy!

      Good luck with finding the right position! 🙂

      Write a post about OITNB when you’re done watching it and I’ll come over to your spot and we can discuss it. We can’t watch together but we can share the experience that way. 🙂

  3. Okay okay, I’ll think about it (OITNB). 🙂 I have some over due posts. No motivation right now though. I still owe DC library money, and I think there’s a book somewhere in my apt that I’ve had since like November. :/
    Can’t wait for Game 2 tomorrow! 🙂

  4. Likewise on Justin Beiber and Mother Maya. I don’t eat Pop Tarts, but did make my own toaster strudel using crescents last week. Finally started watching OITNB a couple days ago; it’ll be a rather interesting season. Piper STILL annoys me to no end though. Grr! I like that I’m in the last quarter of my 46th year. I like the state of mind I’m in, even though it initially threw me for a loop. I like just being. Pintrest is my internet porn.

    Dislikes…malicious intent disguised as “doing what I gotta do”. Woman who do too much to draw attention/controversy/press. People in general who have to be cajoled into doing the right thing for another person.

    • Lol Yeah, Piper is annoying. But, at least she’s not as annoying as she was in the first season. I used to fast forward past her scenes last year. Maybe she’s not as annoying because she had less screen time this season.

      Toaster strudel using crescent biscuits? Sounds good. How did you do it?

      I’ve been trying to avoid Pintrest. I already have enough online addictions. Lol

      There are a whole lot of people willing to say and do crazy stuff to get attention these days. Politicians are the worst.

      • Re: the homemade toaster strudel…I used the Pilsbury Crescent Rolls. Take two crescents and press seams together. Add filling of your choice; mine was fresh picked strawberries and rhubarb made into a compote. Take two more crescents and press their seams together and then place on top of the filled ones and then press all the edges together. Bake as directed on the package. Refrigerate what you don’t finish, which will be hard to resist…hehe! When you want to eat the survivors, simply pop in your toaster or toaster over. Home made toaster strudel. Pilsbury also has a seamless pastry roll that looks like the Crescent rolls that would work equally well.

  5. I like white linen shirts. Hazy summer days. Walking through secluded gardens. Orange pop w vanilla ice cream. Documentaries. Comedians.
    I dislike painted,plastic women. The entire Hollywood scene and it’s characters. Crowds. Politics.

    • Spending time in a secluded garden sounds great.

      I haven’t had soda and ice cream in a long time. Sounds good.

      I love documentaries. I’ve been watching a lot of them on netflix lately. Did you ever subscribe to netflix?

      I hope you’re feeling better. 🙂

  6. Thanks Val, I am feeling better and better as time goes on. My daughter is subscrib ed to Netflix and watches it all the time on her phone. So she ‘loaned’ me her TV while i’m laid up. That was good 🙂

    • I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better. 🙂 Enjoy netflix. If you’re a basketball fan there is a documentary called “Bad Boys”. It’s about the 80s Detroit Pistons. Dennis Rodman was on that team when he was just starting in the NBA. It’s really good.

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