10 Reasons Beyoncé didn’t stop Solange from attacking Jay

10 Reasons Beyoncé didn’t stop Solange from attacking Jay

01. She’s not programmed to break up fights

02. Her batteries were low

03. She was pretending in her head that she’d written a song Ne-Yo had already written

04. She was pouting because she had to miss Punky Brewster

05. She forgot who the other people on the elevator were

06.  She was trying to remember her name

07.  She was practicing her Miss America wave (see image above)

08. Solange accidentally hit Bey’s off button

09. She was deciding if the blue or the green crayon was her favorite

10. She was concerned because no one was flying the rocket ship they were on

Do you know of any other reasons Beyoncé didn’t stop Solange?


9 thoughts on “10 Reasons Beyoncé didn’t stop Solange from attacking Jay

  1. Wasn’t that beat down something 😀 ? Holy crap! She really lit into him! But the sweet thing is that Jay Z just stood there,I mean he grabbed at her legs when she first started kicking, but he was such a gentleman about the whole thing. Almost as if this is something maaaybe has happened before? Maybe it’s just the way Solange is, if indeed she is bi-polar, this is something to be expected and maybe they are used to it by now.
    But, Bey did have a smuggish kinda look, as though maaaaybe she was a little glad somewhere deep inside that her sister put the beat down on Jay? Hhmmmmmm ;D Anyway, what I really did respect and like is the way they closed ranks on it and issued the statement yesterday. That was super cool.
    They are very private people,and we will never know the why, and that is as it should be. All families have problems and situations and they are managing and dealing with theirs.

    But I kinda feel sorry for the Jay Z, Hehehehehehe, what a beat down huh :)))))!

  2. You should feel bad for Jay or respect him too much for not hitting Solo. He was caught on film hitting a teen girl who took his photo. Here’s the video.

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