Flashback Friday: Jane Child meets Paramore

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As you know on Fridays I usually write a music flashback post. But, this Friday I’m doing something a little different. Instead of just looking back, today we’ll be looking at some current music and comparing it to a nice Flashback Friday cut.

The first song is by rock trio Paramore. It’s called, “Ain’t It Fun” and was released in February of 2014. The lead vocalist Hayley Williams, and the song’s chorus reminds me a lot of a 90s singer named Jane Child  and her 1990 hit song called, “Welcome To The Real World”. And, the two songs seem to even have a very similar message.

Now let’s see if you agree.

Here is Paramore’s Ain’t It Fun

Paramore lead singer Hayley Williams

Here’s Jane Child’s Welcome To The Real World


Did you remember Jane Child’s Welcome To The Real World?

Did you think the Paramore song and the Jane Child song were similar?

Do you think Ain’t It Fun is a nice jam?


2 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Jane Child meets Paramore

  1. Hi Val! Well I must say in all honesty that neither of the of the songs appeal to me. That they are similar,yes very much. Almost as if the lyric was just worded a slightly different way in each one. But the message is essentially the same.

    I just don’t care too much for what I call those “vengeance” type songs. Like ‘yeah so now that this happened to you too, so now you know what it feels like buddy’ ;D type songs! Take THAT and THAT! BAM! POW! SMASH! LOL! But Val, I could be wrong. I usually am! 🙂 That’s just how I see it.

    But to answer your question, yup,I think there was a slight theft of lyrics here 🙂

    • Well that’s for confirming that the two songs are very similar lyrics wise. I really didn’t think about them being vengeance songs but you’re right, they are. I really like the Paramore song though. I even bought it from itunes.

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