Mr. President, is that you?

I’ve noticed that when governments run by dictators fall they usually fall in a matter of days or weeks. I wonder if the opposite is true of democracies? Do democracies fall very slowly over time? What are the signs that a democracy is falling?

When a democratic government spies on all of its citizens, is that a sign? When a democratically elected president assassinates citizens, is that a sign? When corporations become people, is that a sign? When banks are allowed to crash the economy and make billions while average citizens suffer, is that a sign?

I’m not sure of the answer. But, I do feel that we citizens of the United States are less free than we were a decade ago. How can you be free when you have no privacy from the government? How can we be free when corporations have more power than the people to control government. We citizens seem to have become an after thought. The government only seems to seek our approval at election time.

Maybe this stuff has always gone on. Maybe we just have more information now.  But, even if these things have always gone on, don’t we owe it to ourselves to act now that we know?

What do you think? Is the American democracy falling? Are we less free?


11 thoughts on “Mr. President, is that you?

  1. C’mon Val, I know you’re not that naïve. I know you know, what’s what. The last ten years has changed nothing. There is nothing going on now….nor in the last ten years that didn’t happen before…..whether we knew about it or not.

    Years ago as a pre-teen, I started becoming what I would call………politically aware.

    Back then, it was tantamount to finding out there wasn’t a Santa Claus or that most angel’s wings were slightly tarnished….at least. Back then, I was appalled by the things going on in government. I couldn’t believe that a president would attempt to bug the offices of his political opposition, in an attempt to spy on the other side. Or that our government would covertly sell weapons to Iran, while supporting Nicaraguan Contra rebels. Or that we were in the business of selling drugs to pay for covert government actions. So as you can imagine, when I found out that one of our presidents lied about getting some head when he was president, I was just happy he wasn’t secretly selling weapons or smoking crack in the Oval Office or plotting assassinations or something like that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure most if not all of our presidents are responsible for ordering someone’s murder…………but perhaps by doing that they did save American lives. I have no problem with the use of drones…..I believe that saves American lives. I’m just not for sending million dollar bombs to destroy two hundred dollar buildings in the middle east. I would hope that although all of our chief executives are just men………and thus flawed; that they had our best interests at heart. Of course, when we openly advocate torture….I’ve gotta take a step back on that one. However, if I even thought that the information gleaned from torture was completely reliable, I’d be all in. Who can say if our government today would intentionally NOT treat a venereal disease on people of color………..just to see what happened when that disease goes untreated………….nah they wouldn’t do that…………would they?!? How many governments have we overturned?!? How many people have died in the name of almighty Democracy?!?

    Just think, these are just a few of the things that WE ACTUALLY KNOW. Think about all the things I’m sure that have happened that we don’t know. I put nothing past our government, but I truly believe that for the most part, they have to have our best interests at heart. In the very least, that belief helps me sleep at night.

    There’s nothing new to see here………..nothing new Val.

    • Maybe not new, Reggie, but it certainly seems that with the advance of technology much of this stuff has been taken to a new level. And, even if things like this have gone on before it seems that technology has made us more aware than we’ve been before. And with knowledge come responsibility, right?

      So, I really don’t think I’m being naive as much as I’m reacting to the info available to all of us at this moment. Also, where does it stop? I don’t think there’s ever been a time before now when the government was spying on every citizen.

      So what’s next in the continuum if we don’t speak up? Assassinations on American soil? Searching every citizen’s home? GPS devices implanted in our skin? I’m just concerned that silence will encourage the government to keep going down this path.

  2. l think big business and the corporations have gotten so out of control that they are the ones running this show. Everything that is legislated is done so to benefit them. Without much thought to the benefit or lack thereof to the average citizen. And in a way, yes the evolution of technology and science is great. But it brings with it a price. I think that we have been kidding ourselves in believing the old hype about America being so noble and good 🙂 And all those other countries,China, Russia,etc., were the bad, evil guys,that had their citizens all controlled and stuff 🙂 Well lo and behold I think the blinders have been ripped off our eyes so that we can see that we are up to the same dirty tricks to stay on top as all the rest of them. I cosign with the Reg :), it’s always been there, we just weren’t aware of it 😉 What I do see changing is the shift toward a more socialist type of government, but that is bound to happen anyway because of the number of people and the shift in productivity as a nation. As in other countries it has proven to work well so…. that’s my two cents, and I don’t even know what I’m talking about hehehe :p

    • Yeah, corporations are running things like never before. We have a full blown oligarchy on our hands. And the Supreme Court seems to be in corporate America’s pocket as well. They don’t even try to hide it.

      I totally agree about the blinders being ripped off. I think that’s a result of so much media and so much technology.

      I never really believed the hype about the U.S. being so noble compared with other nations. I mean a country founded in genocide and slavery can only be so noble.

      Yep, it’s hard not to move toward socialism when the American underclass is getting bigger and bigger while a few get richer and richer.

    • True, there is a certain amount of freedom that we forfeit by living in a so-called civilized society. But, there is a tipping point where we begin to become less free than we ought to be even considering the sacrifice we make by living in such a society.

  3. “The government only seems to seek our approval at election time.”

    They only come around when they lack votes. Once you vote ’em in, they don’t know you. Once you vote ’em in, they can’t do jack for you.

    I don’t approve of President Obama being depicted as a Nazi? But I know you don’t really mean it, so I will let you make it. Lol. But yeah to answer your question: the democracy fell a lonnnnng time ago. America is basically hanging on a string.

    • Nazi? Lol. He has the “O” on his sleeve so that supposed to represent him being some sort of a dictator, not a Nazi.

      Yeah and with the Supreme Court ruling today that rich folks can give even more money than they’ve been giving the politicians really won’t have any time for us anymore.

      Hanging on a string is a good way to describe it.

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