Flashback Friday: AK says “P.O.W”

Here is AK reciting her poem “P.O.W” from her book of poetry Tears for Water at Def Poetry Jam. She and her poem are both amazing!

What did you think?


6 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: AK says “P.O.W”

  1. Nice

    For some reason I seem to keep forgetting just how beautiful she is; though I have a feeling that you never do forget.

  2. Great poem. I can identify. So many times you want to say things but you opt out in favor of being nice, or gracious, or pc, or not wanting to offend,or fear, for whatever the reason. I’d love to read all of them…

  3. I like the poem and identified with the overall sentiment. The first time I saw this video I remember thinking how that was probably the first time I ever seen Alicia Keys get so loose outside of her singing performances. Oh yeah, I saw a pic on Twitter of AK, Swizz and his ex on vacation. Seemed strange to me that the 3 are apparently friends? What do you make of that? Just wondered.

    • Yeah, I love how animated AK is in this vid. And she was smoking hot too. 😉

      I think what happened in the past was hyped way up by the media and the three of them were probably over it long ago. They have kids to raise and it’s in their best interest if everyone gets along.

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