10 Things…

Here are ten things that I like or I don’t like or are just of interest at the moment.

01. There’s a really good film on Netflix called Gimme the Loot. It’s a nice little indie film set in New York City. And, of course, it is a coming of age film.

02. As you know Malaysia Airlines flight 370 is missing. It’s been missing for almost a week. No wreckage has been found as of Thursday night. Everybody seems to be guessing what happened, so here is my guess.

I think the plane suffered a slow loss of pressurization. Which would result in a slow loss of oxygen in the cabin. A very rapid loss of pressure in an airline cabin happens very quickly as the name implies. And since it happens very fast it’s very easy for people on board as well as the aircraft itself to sense that pressure was suddenly lost.

But, with a very slow loss of pressure, many times it is very hard to detect for both passengers and the aircraft. Which can lead to a situation where the passengers and crew are overcome by hypoxia and are unable to react by using oxygen masks.

In a situation like this if the plane was flying via the auto-pilot at cruise altitude it can continue flying itself until it runs out of fuel or collides with terrain such as a mountain.

Do you have any theories?

03.  Here’s a really nice song from a group called The Internet. It’s called “Dontcha”. Let me know if you like it.

04. This winter I was really jealous of all the snow most of the country got. Some people think the weather in Northern California is almost perfect. It never gets too hot or too cold. It doesn’t snow and it rarely rains. We get a bit of fog but most people think it adds to the beauty of the area.

For me, however, the weather here is torturous monotony. There’s no real summer nor a real winter. The weather here is a cross between spring and fall all year long except without the rain.

I crave contrast. How can you really appreciate winter without a summer? Or truly appreciate spring without winter?

I miss the coziness of winter and the brutality of summer. And the in-betweeness of spring and fall.

Does that make sense?

05. The WNBA season is right around the corner. And I can’t wait! This off-season while most WNBA players were in Europe making some extra bucks WNBA rookie Skylar Diggins was home in the States living the life of a movie starlet.

Sky made the rounds during the Awards season in L.A. and appeared in the infamous Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.

Some people have been very critical of Skylar’s star status on and off the court. She had a very average rookie season and the naysayers have pounced. They’ve been calling her over-rated and that she is only a star because of her unquestionable beauty.

I think the naysayers are being unfairly harsh with her because of that beauty.  The vast majority of rookie athletes don’t come into the league and take it by storm. Most take 2 to 3 years to develop into the players they are expected to be. So, I look for Sky to be a bit better this season and really come into her own the following season.

Hopefully between now and then she won’t let the naysayers get her down. Go Sky!

07. I’m hooked on Plantain chips now. They are so good and you really can’t eat just one. Have you had them?

08.  If you haven’t checked it out, Dara has a great blog called Truly tafakari. You will find Lots of really relevant posts about all sorts of things there. Enjoy!

09.  If you remember I talked recently about trying tai chi. Well, I’m still at it. My mornings are much better because of it. Now I’m thinking of adding meditation to my day. I’ve been hearing a lot about it lately and how it can enhance your life in all sorts of ways.

Do any of you practice meditation? If so have you noticed any changes because of it such as better moods, etc.?

10. Lastly, I’ve had a crazy wanderlusty thought recently. That’s to buy one of those passes from Greyhound, pack a backpack and hit the road for a month.

You can buy a pass for unlimited travel for a month for about $400. At least that was the price last time I checked. And if I remember correctly you can travel between as many cities as you like for that month.

I’d love to pack a backpack and head to New Mexico and explore a few cities there. Then for some reason I’ve been wanting to go to Montana and maybe the Dakotas. After that I’d love to spend a few days in Chicago and then check out all of the urban farming in Detroit I’ve been hearing about.

What do you think? Sound like a fun idea or pure craziness? Would you ever do something like that?

Welp, those are a few things on my mind at the moment.
What do you think of my little musings?
What’s on your mind?

17 thoughts on “10 Things…

  1. 1.I’m going to watch that movie as soon as I can. My son got Netflix.

    2.Your theory is very plausible. But in light of the fact that they’re now saying those two systems were shut off 15 minutes apart,and that this can only be done by human hand. I’m thinking that maybe this was being carefully planned for a long time. (But keep in mind that I have a very active and dramatic imagination that always thinks of the worst scenario;) and that the plane is hidden somewhere to be used in some kind of nefarious activity. If this is so, they would have no use for the passengers 😦 I hope I’m not correct though. Either way it’s bad. Those families are absolutely distraught, and I hope they at least get some kind of answers. I can’t imagine what it’s like!

    3. The song has a very nice beat. I like it, and would def play it.

    4.I sympathize with you. I feel the same here. BUT, I cannot tolerate the freezing cold! So I’ll stay 🙂

    5.Skylar is talented and beautiful and of course society, and the men especially will try to down her! It’s annoying that they of course don’t mind or mention that all the male players do ads and covers and bare their muscles too! It never fails. Go Skylar!

    6. I’m glad you posted this list! 🙂

    7. Those chips are soo good! I love them too!

    8. I def will check out her blog!

    9. Meditation is something I could never do just on my own. But for me it was through the Hatha Yoga asanas, and particularly the breathing exercises such as the “cleansing breath” and others, I was able to attain a meditative state where I did zone out into a state where nothing filled my mind, or I should say, where the mind ’emptys’ of thought and is still, is the best I can describe it 🙂 I’m guessing Tai Chi probably does the same.

    10. This kind of travel sounds great. You can go in off season and reserve a nice hotel to stay at in each state you visit. In my younger years I would’ve done it, now, not so much ;D

    • – It’s a good film. Be warned though, there’s a lot of profanity.

      – I heard a report today that some people are thinking this may have been a hijacking.

      – Lol. You don’t have the cold but you get the brutal heat and humidity there.

      – Yep, I wish they would just leave her alone. She’s going to be great!

      – I grew up on those chips!

      – Very interesting. Maybe I’ll find a meditation group? I’m not sure if I can shut my mind down though.

      – I would definitely go in the off-season. I hate travelling when it’s crowded. I can’t wait to plan it, even if I don’t actually do it. Lol

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Hey Val! Love your picture 🙂
    1. I have to check it out. I always get very nostalgic seeing NYC on film. Not enough to go back tho.
    2. According to a reliable sources theory: The airplane had some sort of crack or metal fatigue to the fuselage which caused a rapid decompression and blew the plane to pieces at 29000 ft. The passengers on board died even before hitting the water due to decompression.
    3. I have to check it out when I’m not in class.
    4. I’m actually ready to get away from four seasons, so I’m the opposite of you!
    5. She’s aight. Nothing spectacular.
    6. Went for a swim.
    7.That’s my fave chip! The best brand.
    10. I’m ready to leave too!! Let’s go!

    • Hiya, She!


      – Yep, films set in NY make me feel the same way.
      – As I’m sure you’ve heard they spotted some debris near Australia. So, that might be that.
      – It’s a great song. Really smooth with a great beat and vocals.
      – If you lived here for a while you’d crave the seasons too. Lol
      – What?!
      – Ah, a nice swim sounds so nice. I haven’t been swimming in a while.
      – I grew up on those chips!
      – Let’s!


  3. Thanks for the heads up on the indie film. I know you enjoy indie films and own pretty good taste, so I can’t wait to see it. Matter of fact I’m about to check it out as soon as I return from lunch.

    Digging is soooooo hot. It just doesn’t make any sense how attractive that young lady truly is. I had no idea she was featured in Sports Illustrated, but lord knows that magazine picked the right one baby. Lol. I kind of see her doing more photoshoots and acting while enjoying a career in the WNBA.

    I did something strange at the grocery store the other week – I bought all the different brands of Dial soap (the kind that are different colors) and have been showering with a different color bar every day, since then. My girl said that I love to waste money. Lol. I simply wanted to experience the smell of each soap.

    • Let me know if you like it.

      Yeah she is incredibly hot. She’s been doing quite a few photo shoots in the off-season. I’d love to see her do some acting.

      Lol. Do they actually smell different? If you like fragrant soap you should try glycerin soap. You can get it in all sorts of natural cents like lemon, grapefruit, etc.And, glycerin soap is all-natural!

      • I usually just use Dial (yellow bar) and Lever 2000 soap and Dial body wash and I have some cologne-based body wash for special occasions. Lol. But I think I was amazed at how they smelled while standing in the aisle. I end up getting Gold, Spring Water and some other kind (can’t remember).

        I am about to check out the film now and I’d love to see Skylar Diggins in a movie role as well.

  4. 1) I’m gonna have to look for this one.
    2) I don’t know what happened to that plane. Whether it was hijacked or crashed……who knows?!? Anything could have happened.
    3) I liked the song, it had a nice beat and she had a mellow voice.
    4) I hate the cold weather, that’s just one of the reasons why I moved to Florida last year.
    5) C’mon Val, tell the truth. Would you pay as much attention to Skylar if she wasn’t absolutely gorgeous?!?
    No six huh?!?
    7) I like Plantains, but I don’t believe I’ve ever seen those chips before.
    8) Okay I’ll take a peek at that blog.
    9) I don’t meditate…never tried. I do have problems sleeping though. I wonder if I did meditate would I have an easier time getting to sleep?!?
    10) Hmmmm, urban farming in Detroit huh?!? Hopefully you’ll take your gun with you. The D ain’t no joke.

    • – You’ll like it, Reggie.
      – Yep, at this point anything seems like it might have happened.
      – I feel the same exact way about that song.
      – Enjoy that Florida humidity! Lol
      – I’m not sure how to answer that, Reggie. Doesn’t everyone get noticed by someone based upon how they look? I think her beauty is being held against her.
      – Oh my, did I forget #6? 🙂
      – This is the best brand. The other brands I’ve had make their chips too thick.
      – 🙂
      – Depending on why you have problems getting to sleep meditation certainly might help.
      – True. Detroit intrigues me though.

  5. This was a super awesome post.

    1. Sky is my new crush. I have never heard or seen a pic of her before and I likes. I love how she looks in the b-ball gear and in the swimsuit. Is she straight? I am just curious.

    2. I am going to watch that movie. I trust you!

    3. I have always wanted to go to every state on some nomad shit. Just stay for a bit, or stay for a long time if I love it. I never thought about doing it on Greyhound though. That seems stinky.

    4.I think that Malaysian plane was hijacked.

    5. I love those plantain chips.

    Good read, thanks!

    • Thanks, LB!

      – Lol. Unfortunately yes, she’s str8. I saw an interview where she said she’s dating a guy who plays college football. She does look good in her uni. I love her shoulders and arms.

      – I hope you like it. So far two other people on this thread didn’t seem to like it. 😦

      – Lol@Greyhound being stinky. Yep, travelling around the country would be amazing. Just planning for it would be a lot of fun.

      – Could be. At this point anything could have happened to that plane.

      – They’re great. I can’t even find them out here.


      Also, if you get a chance check out my tumblr.


      Let me know if you like it. Do you have a tumblr?

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