I got nothing…

I’m sitting here on Thursday night going back and forth between Magnum PI and House (nope, I’m not watching that hideous Scandal show)trying to come up with a topic to blog about. But nothing is coming to my mind. So, that’s what I’m writing about.

There are times when during any given day ten topics to blog about will pop into my mind. About a year ago I even started carrying a little note pad to write stuff down so I wouldn’t forget.

That little note pad hasn’t had a new entry in quite a while. I guess I have some sort of writers block. And from what I hear the best way to get through writers block is to not worry about it.

So, at some point, probably while I’m out riding the bus, lots of topics come to me on the bus, something will pop into my head and I’ll jot it down in my note pad and I’ll get home and blog about it.

Until then, have a great weekend!

How do you get over writer’s block?


16 thoughts on “I got nothing…

  1. Yep, I’ve been keeping a running blog idea notepad on my phone lately and I tap that when I’m tapped out. Or, like today, which is a usually blog post day for me, I take the L. Lol. I’ve been doing that for the past two weeks, I guess, to be easier about some thing.

    I laughed at “hideous show.” I didn’t watch it either, but you already know…

    • It used to stress me out when I had writer’s block but now I’m like oh well. Lol Blogging is supposed to be fun so I’m not going to worry about it.

  2. The more people tell me about Scandal in an effort to get me to watch Scandal, the more convinced I am that I have no desire to start watching that show; even though I feel like one of maybe five people not currently watching that show. Thanks but no thanks. I’ll stick with House of Cards to get my hit of political intrigue.

    My zest for blog writing has definitely fallen off. I want to write more, really I do. But then, I just don’t. And I have no excuse. I can’t even blame it on writer’s block because I have several blog post ideas swirling around in my head. I just need to actually type them up.

    Changing subjects:

    I read an article, about a woman in Florida (you already know it’s not gonna be a positive story because it takes place in Florida) who was living off-grid (using solar panels for electricity and rainwater instead of city water) and the city cited her and said that she HAD to join the grid, even if she didn’t use it, or she faced eviction from her home. It’s apparently LAW that people cannot live off-grid, at least in Florida there is. I only tell you this because I know you, like me, sometimes fantasize about off-grid living.

    Oh and did you get my message that I was on the plane from LA to NY with Alicia Keys? Well, I wasn’t WITH her (LOL) but she was definitely on my plane and I saw her in first class.

    • I just screamed! What message? Wow. Did you talk to her? Was she prettier in person? Did you get a pic? That’s so cool, Nicole.

      I actually saw that story. A lot of cities have weird ordinances like that. I guess the reason behind them is so people won’t run generators and the like. But, I’m sure those laws are really old so they don’t take into account solar energy. Hopefully she can sue them into changing the law. Yep, Florida is nuts!

      I’m hoping my desire to blog will magically reappear. Lol. I wish I had ideas.

      I binged on House of Cards last weekend. I just can’t take more than 2 minutes of Scandal. It’s just so ridiculous.

      • I had an old email address for you, I wasn’t sure if it was right, but I sent you an email about my Alicia Keys sighting a couple of months ago. You have to send me your email address so I can tell you the whole story. It’s too long to type here. Email me and I’ll email you the story, if you’re interested.

  3. Ooooh Val! Sometimes I have that too. Can’t think of a thing! But more often than not, there’s some, even if it’s silly, like today’s post, thing that I just want to write down. Because, sometimes I have read blogs where the person writes about the most mundane happenings. and I mean like, “I went out and fed the chickens, collected the eggs and baked a box mix cake for x’s birthday” and I enjoy reading it! especially if they put pictures (call me simple or just plain nosy:)))
    So I figure I could do the same. Just my thoughts on whatever.But then again, so much crap happens to me, that there’s really an abundance of material actually, hehehe! I ‘m glad to see you’re okay though. 🙂 So here’s to breaking up that writer’s block!! Take care! *XOXOXOXOXO*

    • I love your posts. Sometimes I can write posts like that. But a lot of the time I’ll write them and then delete them. Lol Maybe instead of topics I’ll use my blog as more of a journal? We’ll see.


  4. Like you, I think of a ton of topics to blog about daily, but then when I sit down to write them, I’ve got nothing.

    I guess I’ve lost my passion for it. The smart thing to do would be to enter the topics in my note pad on my iPhone, but I seem to forget to do that too.

    Hey I’ve got nothing too.

  5. If it wasn’t for the city that I live in, I wouldn’t have a thing to blog . I’m holding on by a thread. It was fun in the beginning,not so much anymore.
    I’m about to call it quits. I may have a few months left.

  6. Hey Val, good to see you back in the blogging mood. Usually whenever I have writers block (as far as blogging goes), I will listen to some music or go back and read something that I’ve written and that usually does the trick.

    Since I have tons of unfinished blogs in my draft, there are times where I will go back and re-read and complete those blog posts.

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