Are you watching the Winter Olympics?

The Winter Olympics are back again. This time, as you probably know, in Russia. And, unfortunately, NBC is broadcasting the Games again. So don’t expect to see many events live. NBC is allergic to live coverage.

Anyway, I don’t have the same interest in the Winter Games as I do in the Summer Olympic Games. I do look forward to seeing Lolo Jones (above) compete on the women’s bobsled team. Also I might watch some of the downhill skiing. And, I suppose I’ll check out the opening ceremony tonight.

The best thing about the Winter Games though is they are a reminder that the Summer Games in Rio are just two years away!

Do you plan on watching the Winter Games?
What’s your favorite Winter Olympic sport?
Do you hate NBC’s Olympic coverage too?


11 thoughts on “Are you watching the Winter Olympics?

  1. I’m boycotting the Sochi Olympics because of the anti-gay stuff and the killing of stray animals. But I’m not even sure I can claim to be boycotting the Olympics because I wouldn’t have watched it anyway. I have no interest in watching in the Olympics. I’m the worst.

    • There’s so much anti-gay stuff here in the U.S. I have a hard time getting overly upset about the laws in Russia. I heard about them killing the dogs. That’s crazy.

      Have you taken your exam yet?

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  3. I’m just not much into sports anymore. I used to like the ice skating stuff, (not even sure if that’s on the Olympics or somewhere else :p) I may watch the opening tonight, just to see the pomp and circumstance, because that tells a lot about what that country wants to convey to the world. Enjoy!

    • Yep, there will be figure skating at this Olympics. I’m going to try to watch some of the opening but it’s kind of hard being interested knowing that it happened 12 hours ago. Lol.

  4. Well.. I am a sexist and nationalistic fan. The quads on the female speed skaters and skiers hold my attention. I’ll cheer for Shani Davis, Shaun White and LoLo… I’ll keep track of the Medal count. I’ll keep at least two televisions at the club tuned to the games in order to keep with everything except figure skating.

    • Hiya, UBJ. Women’s Ski Jumping is coming on tonight. As I’m sure you know, this is the first year for that event. So, I think I’m going to watch that. And of course Lolo. I’ll check out Shani too. Thanks for reminding me about him.

      Lol. Yeah, figure skating is pretty bad. It’s just too subjective. It’s more of a popularity contest than an athletic event.

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