Super bowl, Super Menu, Super Fun!

SuperBowl Sunday is just hours away! I’m looking forward to the game. My team is Seattle. Not because I really like the team per se but because they are rivals of the Forty Niners and I HATE the Niners.

Go Seahawks!

The GF and I are having another couple over for the festivities. I’m in charge of the food this year. (pray for me) So, I thought I’d share my menu with you.

Homemade burritos – It’s only going to be my second time making burritos. I think I’m going to use roasted chicken as the meat.

Home style potato salad

Fruit, cheese and nut plate – I think I’ll have kiwi, grapes, watermelon, sharp cheddar, another cheese TBD, cashews, macadamia and pistachio nuts.

Assorted tortilla chips/ with assorted dips

Beverages – Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple Cider, Jones Soda, Beck’s and Dos Equis beer.

Desert – Carrot cake


What do you think of my menu?
Will you be preparing food for the big game?
Who are you rooting for?

6 thoughts on “Super bowl, Super Menu, Super Fun!

  1. Well first of all, I’m a Steelers fan, so I don’t have a dog in this fight. It really doesn’t matter to me who wins, just as long as it’s a good game.

    My own SuperBowl fare is usually minimal. I will have wings or nachos, never the type of menu you’re having. Your menu sounds awesome!!! Hmmmm, homemade burritos huh?!? That and some beer might make for some gastric explosions!!!

    • Well, at least the Steelers started looking better toward the end of the season. Which is more than I can say for the Giants.

      I guess I haven’t reached the point yet when I can watch a game without rooting for a team. Many times I have to do all sorts of back flips and contortions to justify why I’m rooting for a particular team. Lol. But, it makes it more fun to me.

      Wings and nachos sound good. Especially if you are making the wings yourself, which I’m sure you are.

      Thanks, I hope the food turns out well. 🙂

  2. The menu sounds excellent – I’m sure your friends will enjoy it all!

    I am preparing a fine feast…well, my husband will do most of the cooking; I’ll help with the prep and the clean-up – and definitely with the eating! 😎

    Who am I rooting for? Just in case you haven’t seen my blog: Sea-HAWKS! Sea-HAWKS! SEAHAAAAAWWWWWKS!!!!!

    • Thanks, I’ve got my fingers crossed that it turns out well.

      Lol. You’re lucky. Next holiday it’s my turn to be on clean up duty. 🙂

      Same here, Go Seahawks!

  3. Well, 0kay, GOOOOOooooo SEEEEAHAAAAWKS!!!! 🙂

    That menu sounds great,making me hungry! and Reggies wings tooo! :p

    I dunno, I think maybe you could add another sweet besides the carrot cake. Something smallish like mini canoli, or even a piece of candy,. jes saying….I’ve a sweet tooth:)

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