8 thoughts on “Aaliyah

  1. I can’t believe it, makes me realize how much older I am getting since I remember exactly where I was when I heard of her passing. I was 16 years old. Just a teenager, but with real emotions armed with a diary and a radio. I never will forget her beauty, and her grace. She’s a legend I am glad to have been around to experience.

    • I remember the whole evening when we lost her. That evening seemed to be pass in slow motion.

      She was a superstar to so many people. I always wonder how amazing she’d be today.

  2. Hi Val! Love Aaliyah, so talented and so beautiful! May she rest in peace. You know there’s a saying here “you know when you’re born, but not when you will die” So Carpe Diem baby!

    As I told you before I’ve been really sick, like serious respiratory, almost smoke inhalation really. Doc still would prefer to hospitalize me 😦 But I’m sitting here on the resp machine with the air purifier on fighting it all the way! 🙂 I know I’ll win 🙂

    Got a Word press site, had to blog again!!! See that means I’m getting better already ;))

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