Likes and Dislikes


– Sunflower seed butter

– This song (Thanks, PA)

– Orchids (Thanks, Desertflower for reigniting my passion for them!)

– Digital TV (Today’s digital TV is better than cable was 20 years ago and it’s free!)

– It’s almost fall!

– Peas and rice

– My library card

– Holding hands with the GF

– The honesty of Staceyann Chin

– The Chatham section of Chicago


– The NY Giants sucking at the start of every season

– Overloading my backpack

– Republicans

– Snoop Lion Dogg

– Finding out I owe taxes from 5 years ago

– Student loan repayment

– People who still pay for things with checks who haven’t pre-written them before reaching the cashier at the grocery store

– Food with no country of origin information

– Macaroni and cheese

RG3 being a punk

What are you liking and disliking these days?


30 thoughts on “Likes and Dislikes

  1. Valentina:

    Hold up! Wait a minute! You dislike mac & cheese? WTH??? That’s madness!
    oTAY, Val… time for you to officially hand in your American Citizen card! LOL!

    Below are just a few of mine…


    The new peanut butter flavor Pop Tarts. These joints are definitely my new FAVORITE thing. DELICIOUS, yo!!!

    Discovering a new talent in music, lit or any form of entertainment.

    Olive oil.



    Ill communication

    The blatant judgmentalization of people, groups or individuals who might be deemed ‘different’ from the norm.. i.e.: the flap over the latest Miss America..

    Enjoy your weekend.


    • It’s not that I have an overwhelming hatred for mack and cheese, Lin. If given the option to have it or not I’ll choose not to. I have never had mac and cheese and thought to myself, ‘wow, that was good’. I just don’t like it.

      Peanut flavored Pop Tarts do sound good. But, are they unfrosted? I just can’t get with the frosting on Pop Tarts. Too much sweetness.

      Oh, yeah, good quality olive oil is a wonderful experience for sure.

      That was some serious craziness about Miss America, wasn’t it. The crazy ignorant racists xenophobes really had a field day.

      • The current Miss America is miles lovelier than any of the most recent winners. In fact she’s more in the Miss Universe league (as far as physical beauty)… AND she’s very intelligent… which reps the whole package, IMHO. But haters are gonna hate, regardless, b/c that’s all they know how to do.

        re: the Pop Tarts: Nope. No frosting whatsoever. They did the RIGHT thing by not adding any extra sweetness. I’m telling you, Val… you have to TRY these mugs. They are CRAZY GOOD!!! But then, you’re not a fan of mac & cheese, so you may have a whole diff’rent set of taste buds than most folks. 😀


      • I agree. The last few Miss America’s have been very forgettable. And the current Miss America is a New Yorker!

        What!? No frosting! That is music to my tummy! I’m going to look for those, Lin. Thanks for the heads up. 🙂

  2. I join Lin in gasping that macaroni and cheese is a dislike but I hate chocolate and everyone gasps at that, so I feel ya.

    I watched the Snoop Lion documentary on Netflix streaming because I had nothing better to do and we wanted to hate on it. While I feel plenty of hateration toward Snoop and his epiphany of suddenly thinking he’s Rastafarian and wanting to be a reggae star, the documentary itself wasn’t bad. It was actually a pretty well done music documentary. But I can’t take Snoop him seriously as a reggae artist; he’s a joke.

    I’m gonna be paying my student loans back until I’m like 50. Was it worth it? I’m not so sure.

    I swear, I seem to always end up in line behind someone at the grocery store who pays with a check. What is it about grocery stores and checks? Why do so many people pay with checks at grocery stores? I don’t really see people paying with checks elsewhere. And why do I always end up behind the person paying with a check at the grocery store. I already hate grocery shopping enough as it is. On top of that, I gotta wait for that person who has to write out their check. Ugh!

    Peas and rice is my jam!

    • Yeah people go seriously overboard about chocolate don’t they. Lol.

      I’s watch the doc, since I love a good one, but, I don’t think I could take more than 5 minutes of listening to Snoop Dogg.

      Student loan debt just makes me depressed. Seriously. 😦

      I don’t get it either. It’s not like using a check has any benefit of over a debit card.

  3. Val, mac and cheese?*faints*
    Right now,the only thing I truly dislike is my profession. I think my mind is made up to end my nursing career.

    • Lol. Yep, mac and cheese and apple pie can miss me by a mile.

      I think that’s one career that when you’re done, you’re done. The bright side; it should be really exciting deciding on and pursuing another career path. 🙂

  4. Hey Val!

    I love Stacyann Chin!

    You don’t like mac & cheese? That’s inner-resting.

    student loans…smh.

    Janelle Monae’s new album.
    Vegan Shrimp Baskets
    Honey Peanut Butter
    Quello (streaming service for full length concert films and music documentaries.)
    Big Ghostfase’s Blog
    Ciabatta bread sandwiches.
    Coquito (rum based creme drink)

    The NY Giants sucking at the start of every season
    Steve Harvey
    Traffic cameras
    Justin Timberlake movies
    mushrooms (the vegetable)
    over accessorized people (Johnny Depp for ex.)

    • I’ve heard good things about Janelle’s album. I’m going to cop it soon.
      Honey peanut butter? Is that a mix of honey and peanut butter in the jar? Sounds good.
      Quello? I’m going to check that out. Have you checked out They have a few thousand docs on a range of subjects and loads of indie films. Here’s the link:

      Lol. So I’m not the only one who doesn’t like Steve Harvey. I am so sick of that guy. He’s on the radio in the morning out here, then his TV talk show is on in the afternoon and then he hosts Family Feud in the evenings! It’s just too much!

      Lol@Justin Timberlake movies. I am proud to say that I’ve never seen one of his movies. 🙂
      Yeah, Twitter is just annoying now.
      I just want to know where Johnny Depp learned how to speak like he does. It’s an affectation and it’s annoying.

  5. You don’t like Mac and cheese!!! OMG! I even eat that box mix with the powder stuff! But Val if you make it from scratch with cheddar, mozzarella, provolone, parmesan, and whatever other cheese is in the fridge :p, cream and butter it’s really good.

    But okay, I understand, as for apple pie, me too ugh ! whatever do people see/taste in that?

    One of the things I love is cherries, really hard to find at the super here though. I love weekends, I love the peaceful feeling when everything is going according to plan. I love everything Val! Tonight I’m in love with love! I’m just so happy! Don’t ask me why,cos I really don’t know, just am :)))

    What I dislike is……lemme think…..lemme think…..the Hewlett Packard people x( that’s what, so irresponsible! But I don’t want to think about that and spoil my mood 🙂 I don’t dislike anything tonight Val. I might be back tomorrow though with a new list…cos these things are highly subject to change :)))

    • Well, with all of those cheeses in it mac and cheese doesn’t sound all that bad. 🙂 Oh my, eating apple pie is torture.

      When I was growing up in NY our next door neighbor had a cherry tree in their backyard. We used to eat them all the time.

      Lol. Well thanks for bringing happiness over here. Hopefully it’s contagious! 🙂

  6. Hold up Val, macaroni and cheese is as American as apple pie…………well, actualy probably not. But it’s damned good…..and if you throw some lobster in it, it’s the bomb diggity!!!!

  7. Likes: the changing of the seasons, preparing a nice meal with fresh ingredients (including mac & cheese!), trips to faraway places, and walking on the beach after a storm – watching the surf pound the sand, listening to it roar, and watching the seabirds hover in the wind is fantastic! 😎

    Dislikes: pre-packaged crap, baseball season coming to an end, people being downright stupid about using Native Americans as mascots, and people being racist cretins in general – that includes ‘Poop Doggy Logg’ thinking that he’s now Rastafarian simply because he smokes arseloads of weed! 🙄

    • I agree the beach is best when it’s stormy.

      Yeah, the NFL needs to come into the new century and get rid of that Washington nickname. And players need to speak up about it.

      Snoop Dogg pretending to be a Rasta is as bad as Mylie Cyrus becoming the twerk queen.

  8. Commenter Lin in up above comments said all my likes and dislikes. But I will add to my likes my love of all things Michael Jackson, Jackson Five, chocolate. Dislikes, bigots, and stupid people who think they know it all.

    • The Jackson 5 don’t really get their due. They were a super group but no one really talks about them and I never hear their music on the radio.

      Lots of stupid people around. In fact I’m pretty sure they outnumber smart folks by quite a bit. Lol.

    -Any kind of food that gives me pleasure. In hospitals they are called “pleasure foods”
    -My Thursday class and connecting with teachers
    -My hair is making it into a ponytail again
    -The weekends
    -Your blog
    -Seeing your first picture and remembering an evening in Ms. Chin’s apartment (a get together, for clarification)
    -Likes vs Dislikes

    -Overloading my bag with ‘wishful’ thinking tasks and books
    -Writing progress notes the night before they are due
    -My hairstyle has only been a ponytail the past 5 weeks
    -Allergies that are not distinguishable from colds
    -My procrastinating ways
    -That I have to wait so long for the new season of OITNB. 3 more episodes to go.
    -That I can’t go to sleep after this comment (see point 2)

    • Lol@your humblebrag. How was the evening? Did Staceyann cuss a lot? Who else was there?
      Growing your hair for winter?
      Oh my thinks. 🙂

      You should see my backpack
      I actually excel doing assignments at the last minute for some reason
      Sorry to hear about your allergies 😦
      You haven’t finished watching it yet?! You have good discipline.
      I hope you are asleep by now. 🙂

      • I’m sorry. I thought I mentioned that about Staceyann before on your blog, so when I thought about how I mentioned it again I hope that didn’t make me sound like a (insert adjective here). I was hella young (like 23-24) and all I remember was the crowd of women who were there and the conversations. People were talking amongst themselves in groups, so I can’t recall. I felt like a fly on the wall because I’m really shy around new people.
        I’m growing my hair period, but it’s reminding me why I love short cuts. I haven’t finished OITNB, probably will do it soon or as a reward somehow for doing what I have to do…which is hard these days. :/
        Back to stu”dying”. lol

      • I was just joking with you with the humblebrag stuff. Pretty cool having gone to that party.

        Sending positive study karma your way. 🙂

  10. Like: Sleep, Nice People, California, Sleep
    I don’t really ‘not like’ much.
    Mac and Cheese? Not the Kraft crap but a real Mac and Cheese baked in the oven with lobster on top? I gotta’ agree with Reggie on that one.

    • California is a great place to visit. But, living here, not so much. Sleep is always good. Especially afternoon naps.

      So, this mac and cheese with lobster is a thing? Reggie’s mention was the first I’ve heard of that.

      • I was born and raised in the SoCal desert town of Riverside. I’m about to go home for a visit. I miss the crime, smog, high cost of living, wild fires, earthquakes, etc. …

  11. I’m crying laughing at people who stand there, holding up lines at the grocery story while everyone watches in disgust. Hilarious. I always say that if an act of violence takes place at the grocer that this will be the last straw. Hopefully not, but I’m just saying. Student loans, definitely. I’m not sure what happened to the Giants. My beloved Saints were in a similar position last season and I was stressing some kind of bad. This season, we’re looking more like Who Dat! The GOP party is on some no’ ish. Really, politics on a whole is some mo’ ish. But I digress.

    I love macaroni and cheese, especially of the homemade variety. Holding hands with the misses – I feel you, it makes me feel like I am forever young again. Lately I’ve been liking many things. Sleeping good, eating good, loving good, work and classes are good, my teen daughter Christina visited home recently and we all had a good time seeing her continuing to grow up before our very eyes. I guess that is the like of my heart at the moment.

    • The Giants are making me sad, Don. The only saving grace is that the NFC East is kind of weak so far. Which means the Giants can afford to lose one more game and can still make the play-offs.(fingers crossed) Your Saints are really on one this year. Wow, 5 – 0 is a great start.

      The GOP and their Tea Party extremists are crazy. But, the dems need to do a better job of explaining whose fault the shutdown is. Most Americans aren’t smart enough to figure it out and will blame both Parties.

      Yep, holding hands is great. One of life’s simple pleasures.

      I’m sure it’s wonderful seeing your ‘little’ girl growing up before your eyes. 🙂

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