Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President,

Your concern for the children of Syria and them not being gassed to death is admirable. If only you had the same concern for the children of Chicago and them not being shot to death.


Val – A Concerned Citizen

10 thoughts on “Dear Mr. President

  1. Reminds me of the last part of the song “Tryin Times”… which was written over 40 years ago, but still very much on-point today:

    “People always talking ’bout man’s inhumanity to man
    But what you tryna do to make THIS a better land?
    Just pick up the paper, turn on your TV
    You see a lot of demonstrations for equality…

    Folks would not have to suffer
    If there was more love… for your brother
    But these are tryin’ times.”

    Written by Donny Hathaway in 1970( ?). Recorded in 1971 by Roberta Flack


  2. I am all for helping others as I believe it makes the world a much better place. But I also believe in sweeping around your own front door before you sweep around someone else’s. That said, I agree with your commentary.

    It reminds me of a verse from an old Ice Cube song where he says, “You wanna free Africa? I’ll stare at ya. Cause we ain’t got it too good in America.”

  3. I agree on Donny, Val. One of my all-time favorite artists (along w/ Stevie, Curtis & Marvin). Yes, I watched his Unsung ep. It taught me a lot I never knew about the man.

    He left us waaaaaaay too soon. 😦


  4. We’re not the world’s policeman, nor are we her benefactor……….that’s why we’re damned near broke now.

    I see no reason to drop million dollar bombs on two thousand dollar buildings in Syria. But then again, I rarely see reasons to bomb other people. We need to change the way we think.

    Someone’s people are butchered around the world everyday. We need to learn to mind our own business and maybe the world will start to view us differently.

    • I agree mostly. Except there are times when the U.S. should intervene, such as in Rwanda and Dafur, but the government always has excuses for not intervening on those occasions.

      • That’s my point…..we didn’t intervene then Val. So what is the criteria for our doing so? I think we seriously need to learn to mind our own business.

        I can understand joining UN coalitions……in most cases, but this constant need to be killing or bombing people has gotten old with me.

  5. Val, love your commentary “Dear Mr. President” I agree and endorse that post. I love the Donny Hathaway lines. We need to attend to our problems here.

    • Hi, Mary!

      The President needs to do better. I just read today that Chicago is now the murder capitol of the nation.

      Donny Hathaway was brilliant. I think I’ll watch his Unsung episode again.

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