AK News! (Update – 9/01/13)

Don’t miss Alicia this Friday, August 30, when she performs on ABC’s Good Morning America! AK is just back from her world Tour so this should be great! Check your local listings but, the GMA Summer Concerts are usually during the eight o’clock hour.


Here is Alicia with her brand new cut AND her live performance of Fire We Make with Maxwell this past Friday on GMA! Enjoy!!

(Note: Please pardon the sound glitch at 1:05 into the video)


10 thoughts on “AK News! (Update – 9/01/13)

  1. I might be slipping on my Alicia Keys. Lol. I actually saw the pic and initials even (although I didn’t immediately understand them to be “AK”) and still didn’t know it was Alicia Keys until I read your post. Smh. I listened to song Unthinkable earlier this morning.

  2. Besides being a mad talented singer/songwriter, AK is an even LARGER spirit-lead Citizen of The World. I truly admire her for the causes she embraces. Thanks for the heads up, Valentina.


    • You’re right and that’s why I admire her so much, Lin. She does so many good works and most we don’t even hear about. Her Keep A Child Alive foundation is just the tip of the iceberg.

  3. Wow!!!

    Just suppose what would happen if it got back to AK that you’re no longer her number one fan?!?

    That could get ugly.

  4. Are you kidding Reggie? That’s because you haven’t seen her pushing folks outta the head of the line, jockeying for that position!!! LOL! Ain’t nobody, but nobody getting that no.1 stan,oops, I mean fan spot but her!

    But nah, sorry, I just don’t get up that early anymore 😀

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