20 thoughts on “Aaliyah

    • Yep. Toward the end of every August I get a little depressed. And, I’m always reminded of exactly what I was doing on this day and in the evening when I heard the sad news. Sigh.

  1. Such a beautiful, talented young woman. She was such a trendsetter, too! From her fashion choices to her music videos, she really was ahead of her time. I still enjoy listening to Aaliyah’s music today.

    • You’re right, Aly, she was a trendsetter. I remember when she was a new artist, I loved her style. It was hip hop but still feminine. And, I still think the Try Again video is one of the best ever.

    • Nope, Bey would be playing second fiddle. Aaliyah was a true triple threat. She could dance, sing and act. Whereas Bey can dance, if doing the same jerky moves over and over for a decade counts, she can sing okay but, she cannot act.

      • Val, I’m not just gonna sit here and take all of this Beyonce slander! Lol. Aaliyah was boss, but even Destiny’s Child had a bigger audience. And Beyonce is light-years away from her Destiny Child’s years.

      • Lol. We’re never going to agree on this, Don. I think Aaliyah’s trajectory was higher than Bey’s. And, Aaliyah’s presence would have altered the music landscape. Bey, IMO, stepped into part of the vacuum of Aaliyah’s absence.

      • I had never heard this song until now. I just listened and it’s okay. I liked Aaliyah before her untimely death but grew to LOVE her, afterward. Songs like I Miss You, I Care 4 U and At Your Best simply cannot be touched. I agree – the adult version of Aaliyah would’ve been much more explosive.

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