Likes and Dislikes

Here are a few people and things I’m liking and disliking this week


– Classic deep old school NYC House Music like this

– Walking through overgrown foliage

– The New York Daily News

– Grilling on my tiny hibachi grill on a whim on a weeknight

– Track athlete Ivet Lalova


Oprah Winfrey using an incident of racial discrimination as publicity for her new film.

– NFL linebacker(?) James Harrison formally of the Pittsburgh Steelers is now playing for the Cincinnati Bengals? WTF?

Go0gle has now admitted that it reads all GMail emails.

– Running out of stuff I want to eat two days before I planned to go grocery shopping.

CBS’ The Talk

What are you liking/ disliking this week?


17 thoughts on “Likes and Dislikes

    -I get to help write and edit a movie this weekend!
    -My baby (not really a baby anymore) started high school
    -The weather has been beautiful in Arkansas
    -It’s Friday!!

    -Writer’s block
    -Annoying co-workers
    -It’s Friday, but not a payday

    Have a great weekend, Val!

    • Nice avi, Aly!

      Writing and editing a film? Wow, that sounds interesting. I hope you’ll blog about your experience. (I’ll check out the link)

      Congratulations to you on your son entering high school!

      Yep, writer’s block really sucks.

      You too!

  2. Likes: Positive reinforcement…. especially when it’s sincere…
    Surprising friends on their natal day…
    My nephew’s new campus @ The University of Buffalo…

    Dislikes: Having to play the self-promo/ marketing game…. since I apparently suck at it.
    Passive aggressiveness in any form….
    Making certain people as a priority, when they make me an option.


    • Yep, positive reinforcement is truly a gift.

      Congratulations to your nephew. Have you ever spent time in Buffalo? I’ve always been curious what kind of city that is.

      It’s hard to deal with passive-aggressive people. They’re just so unpredictable.

  3. Val when I look at Ivet Lalova I recognize that my body has never been and will never be that fit. Her body is absolutely incredible!!!

    The Steelers fan in me is sick of James Harrison. Even when he was with the Steelers he had the annoying habit of running his mouth unnecessarily. I think the problem is that social media has given these men a stage where before athletes just played the game. James is in serious need of an enema. Still, my Steelers play his Bengals twice this year. I just hope that he doesn’t break Big Ben in half when they play.

    • Yeah, Ivet’s body is truly amazing. She’s also a great sprinter. She broke her femur in a car accident a few years ago, which makes her current success even more incredible.

      I didn’t know Harrison had bigmouthitis. But, some players just seem to define particular teams. Like Ray Lewis and Baltimore. So, it’s strange to see him not just play for another team but, to see him playing for the Bengals is really weird considering the rivalry between them and the Steelers.

      Lol. Yeah, he’s going to be hitting those Steelers hard when they play. I can’t wait to see those games.

  4. I love the way Val talks so knowledgeably about sports!
    I like that I heard that Al-Jazeera is coming to American TV.
    I like when night falls here and we get some cool breezes finally. It’s been soo hot, like 110!
    I like when I find what I’m looking for in stores, immediately 🙂
    I like when my kids are all home,even though they can still drive me bonkers, and I’m happy when they’re gone again 😉
    I like, no, I love my orchids! My new interest. Beautiful orchids!

    I also dislike running out of good stuff before the supermarket trek 🙂
    I dislike the unavailability of certain merchandise on this side of the island.
    and having to go to a several stores to find that one item,or order it online x(
    I dislike this weeks incredible heatwave, which signals storms forming.
    The fact that TV programs are so lousy. There’s never anything that interest me much! maybe it’s just me…

    All this is subject to change on a moments notice 😉

    • I can only really talk about football and track and field. With most other sports I’m lost. Lol.

      Unfortunately Al Jazeera will only be on cable. So far they won’t even be offering content online. (I hope that changes) I don’t have cable. 😦

      Go orchids! I love them too!

      Yep, TV sucks! Netflix is a lifesaver.

  5. Oprah is ALWAYZ a GREAT DISLIKE Though (MmmHmm…) #LOLOL

    I LIKE MY Female Track-n-Field Athletes to be built LIKE A WOMAN Though… Brianna Rollins, The 100M Hurdler Champ, is FIOOONNEEEE AF Though (Yes LAWDDD…) And that Luscious SHORT-STACK Shelly-Ann Fraser is My BABY Though (MmmHmm…) ;-D

  6. No. Until recently, I’d no reason to roll thru Buffalo, Val. I understand it can be BRU-TAL in the winter. However, going back & forth to the dorms on that campus is mostly done underground. Mad cool place.


  7. I used to read the NY Daily News, faithfully, as a result of being a Knick fan. Nut now I only read the New York Times. I wouldn’t put anything past Oprah Winfrey when it comes to ratings.

    I love grilling and cannot wait til football season and cold weather!

    I never saw The Talk’s appeal. I thought it was just me. Lol.

    • NY Times? I’ve always disliked the Times.

      Yeah and preseason football just makes me mad! Lol.

      Nope, it’s not just you. The only reason that show is still on the air is because Julie Chen is married to the president of CBS.

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