10 Things that…


Here are ten things that made me happy this week!


10. Watching Netflix series Orange Is The New Black again.

09. Finding a roll of quarters in a backpack I haven’t carried in a long time

What? A whole roll of quarters? Serious?

08. We got a new privacy fence! (The old one wasn’t providing much privacy)

06. I took a Tai Chi class!

05. No Friday meeting at work today!

04. All cotton socks!

03. I found a webzine that I like!

02. Are you ready for some football! (NFL starts next week)

01. The girlfriend made me breakfast in bed!

What made you happy this week?
Have you seen Orange Is The New Black yet?

26 thoughts on “10 Things that…

  1. 10. I’ve actually never used Netflix, not even once.

    09. Finding money always makes me happy. If I was walking down the street with a thousand dollars in my pocket and I saw a nickel on the ground, I’d bend over and pick it up. I guess I’m tighter than pantyhose two or three sizes too small. Though I prefer the term “frugal”.

    08. I’ve never had a fence at either of the houses I owned or any of the places I’ve lived.

    07. What’s up with the seven Val?!? You really need to do better.

    06. I hope you enjoyed your Tai Chi class.

    05. My Friday meeting usually gets cancelled by Thursday. Unfortunately that didn’t happen this week, so hopefully it will be cancelled this morning.

    04. All cotton socks are good, just like all cotton underwear.

    03. I sincerely hope that you’re still enjoying htat webzine.

    02. I absolutely love football!, both college and the NFL. I usually start suffering from withdrawal right after The Superbowl. Hopefully my Steelers and my Crimson Tide will represent this year.

    01. I don’t think that any of the girlfriends I had before getting married ever made me breakfast in bed.

    • Well, since you like a bargain, Reggie, Netflix is definitely worth the money.

      Lol. Sometimes I’ll pick up change I see on the ground. But, sometimes I’ll leave it there hoping a homeless person will find it. Which if that happens I assume would bring me some good karma. 🙂

      Yeah, lots of communities, especially planned ones don’t have fences. I love ours. I can sit in the yard and have total privacy.

      Lol. Still on vacation.

      I did, Reggie. I felt really fluid afterward. I’m going to start doing it every morning at home.

      Yeah, the best thing about Friday meetings is when they’re cancelled.

      Cotton is so nice and cool and comfortable.

      I am. I needed a new one as the one I used to read sucks now.

      I was jonsin’ too right after the Superbowl. Whew, glad that’s over.

      It’s really nice. Especially when it’s a surprise.

  2. I swear I’m gonna finish Orange Is The New Black this weekend – I’ve made it through the first three episodes and really like it!

    I’m really, really surprised that you like XOJane, Val. I find it to be worse than Clutch, and I know how much you dislike them 😉 (I’m about fed up with them, too) I find the writers and the writing to be SO self-involved and… shallow?

    Have a good weekend!

    • Oh it just gets better and better, Aly. Enjoy!

      Welp, I too thought that XOJane was just a bunch of whining women but, I took a second look this week and was pleasantly surprised. Although a lot of whining and self-absorption still goes on, there’s a lot of insight and honesty going on as well. And, the commentators are a lot more thoughtful than the ones at Clutch. A lot of trolls over there.

      You too, Aly!

  3. I recently gave a close friend of mine the password to my Netflix just so she could watch Orange Is The New Black. She says it’s pretty entertaining. I probably end up watching it and House of Cards sooner or later.

    Yes, I cannot wait until the football season begins! #WhoDat we lost our season last year, but this season promises to be very satisfying for Saints fans. #TheReturnOfCoachSeanPayton

    I can see you being served breakfast in bed. You seem to be an attention-to-detail type of lover and that can be very pleasing to your love. Since no one in the comment section will say it, I will – don’t tell us about the morning after…tell us about the night before! Haha. Just kidding.

  4. A friend of mine whose opinion I respect a lot is very hyped on that show. I’ll have to peep it out for myself. It should be an interesting football season here in NY b/c we’ll get to see if all those trades & power moves really paid off… or else heads &/or head coaches will roll.


    • You’ll like it, Lin. It really covers a lot of interesting subjects. And, as a writer I think you’ll appreciate the character depth.

      Ha! That’s an understatement. Those Jets keep the drama going. And I’m glad the Giants re-signed Cruz.

  5. 10. Don’t use Netflix, personally…I don’t watch enough TV or movies to warrant a subscription.
    9. That can be a joy – it’s like money in the bank!
    8. Fences are necessary…nice that you have a better one, now.
    7. …must have gone to heaven…
    6. Tai Chi, Tae Kwon Do, and yoga are excellent things to do…good on ya!
    5. Thankfully, I haven’t had to worry about meetings for a couple of years now…the company I used to work for always had Monday morning meetings, which really sucked!
    4. Cotton socks and cotton undies are perfection…
    3. I don’t do webzines…not my thing.
    2. I’m MORE than ready for some football! Hoping to see my Seahawks do something this year; if they don’t, I can still rely on the Vikings or the Saints for some post-season showings! My college teams are the UW Huskies and the UO Ducks, but I’m still a purple / gold ‘Dawg’ all the way! 😀
    1. I love it when my fiancée cooks a fabulous dinner…he’s my personal chef!

    Nice post – have a great weekend! 😎

    • Me either, which means I don’t have cable. So for me 8 bucks a month for netflix really suits me. I love the documentaries.

      It is like money in the bank!

      Like they say, fences make for great neighbors. Lol. And, it’s true!

      Vacation. 🙂

      Yes. Low impact martial arts and yoga are great exercise and focus the mind as well.

      Mondays? Oh my, that must have been dreadful.

      Yes they are! So comfy.

      It’s definitely hard to find good ones.

      I’m a Ducks fan too! I must say though it was their 100 different uniforms that initially attracted me. Shallow I know. But, they’re a good team.

      Nothing like a meal made with love! 🙂

      Thanks! You too.

  6. 10. Don’t have Netflix but it sounds interesting.

    09. Love finding any kind of money like that!

    08. Oh yeah! Privacy fence is a must. must,must. Otherwise, how can you relax without one?
    07. This is cheating Val, there’s really nine things 🙂

    06. Did you like the class? Tai Chi is very good for you!

    05. Ugh, hated meetings. It’s always either more work to pile on top of one, or scoldings!

    04. Love all cotton everything. It breathes.

    03. That webzine looks interesting.

    02. I used to like football, but no longer.

    01. Oooh, that’s super! Very sweet of her!

    • It’s really good.

      It’s a great feeling!



      I loved the class. It was really relaxing and exhilarating at the same time.

      Yeah, nothing good ever happens at weekly meetings. Lol.

      Yes, it does. It’s especially great to wear in summer.

      Lot’s of interesting articles.

      What happened to make you stop liking it?

      It was sweet of her. I really enjoyed it.

  7. I don’t know what exactly happened. It used to be the only ball sport I liked cos I never liked baseball. I think maybe the amount of injuries.
    You would not believe the amount of head trauma that comes into an ER from football alone! I dunno, never really much into ball sports anyway. 🙂

  8. The A-Keyz Photo-Retort is HILARIOUS Though…

    I can Dig the Privacy-Fence Though (YUPPP…)

    And Breakfast in Bed is Sooooo OVERRATED Though (Yeah I’m HATING…) #LMAOOOOO ;-D

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