Flashback Friday: Protest Songs

This was a rough week here in America for Black folks. The justice system down in Florida gave a big FU to all of us. But, as bad as that seems, we’ve been through much worse. And, it wasn’t that long ago either.

So for this Flashback Friday I’ve selected a few songs from back in the day that got the people through rough times. Hopefully these songs will help us get through today as well.

23 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Protest Songs

  1. You are so money w/ this one, Val. Very appropriate choices. Could use some solo Curtis (We People Who Are Darker Than Blue), too. What makes me saddest is that we keep losing the singers (Curtis, Gil, Richie… even Lauryn to a certain extent).

    Enjoy your weekend.


    • Thanks, Lin. I considered a few other songs by Curtis Mayfield but I chose this one because it was so popular.

      Yeah, we’ve lost several great ones in recent years, Lin. I love how you pay homage to them on the sidebar of your blog.

      You too! Stay cool!

  2. I love the soul of Gil Scott-Heron, he and Huey P. Newton among others appeared to be born for that revolutionary ish that touched my spirit in a major way throughout my early years. There are many songs that stroke rebellion in my heart. I will list only a few, but take time to listen to each one and I’m sure you will agree.

    Good post, Valentina.

      • Yep, Rosie Perez did her thing in the opening credits of that song. I love that song and remember like it was yesterday sitting in a movie theatre and everyone inside being super hyped over that scene. I agree, Chuck D is the truth. Kam is an underrated West Coast rapper from the 90s who went on to become a member of the Nation of Islam. The brother spoke the unadulterated truth in that song and others. We used to converse on Twitter last year. His lyrics were controversial, and rightfully so. Lol. I

        I love that Prince song. I remember how those particular lyrics changed my view of him when I first heard. I just kept remember thinking the brother was well aware of the unspoken truths in America which at he time was rare for pop singers. I think that song was on his ’93 album featuring Diamonds and Pearls, 7, Damn U, The Morning Papers, and other classic Prince material back when he married Mayte. Damn U and The Morning Papers are some beautifully written love songs. Yes, I’m sure we both used to read his lyrics back in the days. Lol. I still read the lyrics from The Family album – remember that group? They had a song called Screams of Passion, High Fashion, etc. Oh yeah, the woman in the video was Rosie Gaines, she sang on the song Nothing Compares 2 U, of which was remade by Sinead O’Connor.

        Sorry for the long comment, but you know how we do when it comes to old school music.

      • I remember Rosie Gaines. Didn’t she release her own album?

        I love The Family. I keep Screams of Passion in rotation on my ipod!

        Yeah, Prince was at his best in the late 80s and early 90s lyrically.

        I love the long comments! Especially about music. 🙂

        Prince definitely has a type when it comes to women doesn’t he. lol.

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