WTF Files: How to get away with murder and local news fail

Want to know how to get away with murder? Here’s how. Go to Florida, locate a Black person, shoot and kill them, then say they attacked you.

So, Zimmerman was found not guilty in a Florida courtroom this evening. I really don’t have much to say about it. The media experts have been predicting an acquittal but, I’m still very surprised.

All I know is that a Black kid was stalked and murdered by a racist, wannabe police officer and apparently that’s not a crime. Not in Florida anyway. Wow.

And now the jackasses in the media are on full riot watch. I don’t think anyone was planning to riot but, maybe someone should.


And speaking of media jackasses…

Most of you, who’ve been reading this blog for a while, know that I have very little respect for mainstream media in this country. And, I have even less respect for local TV news. Which just seems to be a collection of brainless individuals who have good hair.

If ever there was a perfect example of how moronic local TV news people are, this is it. As you all know a jet crashed upon landing at San Francisco International Airport last weekend. Many of the known facts about the crash had been made public by the National Transportation Safety Board. However, none of the names of the four pilots who were on board the flight had been released.

So, a prankster decided to play a joke on the idiots at local TV station KTVU, a FOX affiliate here in the Bay Area. They submitted false names to the station and the station confirmed the names with an intern at the NTSB. An intern!

Now after viewing the video of the incident you can see why I called the folks over at KTVU morons. I mean how in the hell did those names even make it to being on-air copy much less being read aloud on the air!

So, for anyone out there who didn’t think that local TV news in this country was an absolute insult to the intelligence of the people of this nation, here is the proof.

Are you surprised Zimmerman was found not guilty?
Do you think there will be riots?

Are you shocked that those names were read on the air?
Or does local TV news incompetence not shock you anymore?



42 thoughts on “WTF Files: How to get away with murder and local news fail

  1. I am so sad! Cannot actually believe this. I guess it’s just too painful to bear such a slap in the face! Too much. Just too, too much.

    • I feel numb. I really thought they would convict him of manslaughter. It feels surreal that he was found not guilty. Maybe the Justice Department will get him on civil rights violations and hopefully his parents will sue him.


  2. SHOCKED, yes. Surprised, no. Mostly ASHAMED of this so-called judicial system.

    Riots? Perhaps… a few hot heads will try to set things off. But for the most part, peaceful protest should be the order of the day.

    About the jurors: If any are harassed that would be… ummm… unfortunate. I’m baffled that all these women, 5 of them mothers, didn’t take their OWN love of their OWN children into account &, at the very least, find this coward guilty of Manslaughter!.

    Sad day in America, Val.


    • I really don’t think those White women on that jury see an innocent child when they think about Trayvon, Lin. So they don’t make the connection between Trayvon and their own children.

      Very sad.

  3. I feel sad and heavy. But I was not surprised by this outcome. This verdict should be a wake up call for Black people. Zimmerman is a marked man and better watch his back.

  4. I was frightened, I thought there would be riots. But I hope and pray we are better than that. Smarter than that. That’s what racist whites would like to see us doing.

  5. Val, I did read the Department of Justice is going to investigate. I am hoping that all of us Black people and people of color with collectively come together and stop bickering over pettiness. They still have that sister Marissa Alexander behind bars in a Stand Your Ground case. Why, didn’t the SYG law apply to her? Then that law is a double standard. That law will give white people the right to shoot innocent Black/POC who say they felt threatened.

    • Yeah, Florida did her really wrong, Mary. I’m hoping she’ll be freed on appeal.

      And I have my fingers crossed that the Justice Department will file charges.

  6. And they have the transgendered sister behind bars for trying to protect herself,while being attacked by those bigoted cretins. There are double standards in this country where justice is concerned.

    • I read about that. That sad part is that had she not defended herself and they killed her they probably would have walked away with no charges.

  7. NOT SHOCKED By The Not-Guilty VERDICT Though… Florida have been on DAT BULL-SHYT For DECADES Now (NOTHING Surprises Me regarding THAT P-O-S State…)

  8. I agree with this investigation and all of these unfair decisions should be revoked. I really hope pressure is applied.

    Tonight Anderson Cooper had on a black lawyer, and also there was Sunny Hostin, and darn if I didn’t catch his name cos I’m making a carrot cake,, but I had the TV loud and I heard it in the kitchen he said:
    ” If a black man walks too fast, he comes under suspicion. But if he’s walking too slow that also will arouse suspicion. So I think it’s time we have to sit down in this country and have a discussion as to what speed a black man should walk to stay alive” !

    He said it much more effectively of course, in a really serious forceful tone.

    Sunny Hostin who is a lawyer and ex prosecutor and spot on, went on to say that she has a “brown boy at home and she teaches him to call the police and/or run if the need be. To never confront but to run” but she says “I have taught him about the perils of being brown or black in this country and he is aware”. Sad, sad, sad!

    • That walking part is so true, DF. And, sometimes though it’s just being Black that makes them suspicious. And there’s nothing we can do or want to do about that.

      I like Sunny. Sometimes she hosts the CBS overnight news. She has a good head on her shoulders.

      • Exactly! it’s just damned if you do and damned if you don’t. It’s crazy,crazy! I like Sunny too, she’s smart. Didn’t know she hosted that. I’ve been thinking just that, that she would be a great host. Gotta watch out for that program.

  9. People like to joke that Florida isn’t really in the South because of certain cultural differences, but as a former Floridian, i beg to differ. I’m from Tampa. In 2004, a white dance teacher ran over 4 black children in her car and drove 45 minutes away to her parents’ home, where they helped her wash off the blood. Two of the kids, aged 13 and 3, were killed. Porter got two years’ house arrest and three years’ probation. THAT case was when I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt, that they can kill us any kind of way and there will always be an ‘out’ for them. We don’t even have to be threatening, Val. Just black.

    • OMG. That case is crazy. And, we all know that had the ethnicity of those involved been reversed a Black woman would have been lucky to have gotten less than life in prison.

      Yeah, I’ve never been under the false impression that Florida was anything other than a deep South State.

  10. I wasn’t surprised by the verdict, not at all. I recall you and I both believing the jury would acquit. But I held hopes that George Zimmerman would be held accountable for the innocent life that he took. I watched the trial, but as usual, at one point the media placed a very sick feeling in the pit of my stomach at how they collectively turned the trial into a circus. It’s just sad and unfortunate that “the truth” wasn’t discovered inside of that courtroom.

    I don’t expect any meaningful riots.

    • You’re right, Don. But, after manslaughter was on the table I had a little hope he might be convicted. Oh well.

      I don’t know, Don. I didn’t really expect any either but I just heard there are going to be protests in 100 cities today so you never know what might happen.

      • Maybe it’s because I am older now, compared to being a real-live firecracker during Rodney King riots, that leaves me thinking there won’t be any meaningful riots in ’13. I think the early 90s verdict left peeps with a pure hatred for crooked cops everywhere. Oh yeah, I read where one juror had a husband that was friends with Zimmerman’s lawyer. Shouldn’t that be considered as unethical?

    • Val, you know I wouldn’t hijack your thread but I just wanted you to enjoy this link I found. I know you appreciate old school musicians so here’s a great link for you (check the sidebar)..

      • Yes, the Unsung ep was extremely good, and plenty of others, I actually saw a portion of this Soul Train performance on Cherelle and Alexander O’ Neal’s Unsung and searched via the ‘net to no avail.So imagine how pleasantly surprised I was to find that someone had finally uploaded. Lol. I had to share!

  11. Wow – just…wow. I’ve made jokes in the past over how incompetent local ‘reporters’ and unqualified, uneducated interns have trashed the news for years, but this is above and beyond anything I could have dreamed.

    Anyone who thinks that Florida isn’t part of the Deep South has been blinded by Disney World, Daytona Beach, and postcards from Miami…

      • You know, my son had told me in the morning, and shown me the pic on his phone, but I didn’t hear it.
        So when I heard the clip you posted, I almost peed my pants laughing. The way she said them was absolutely hilarious.

        When the camera pans back to her face, you can see in her eyes that she’s thinking ‘somethings wrong here’ but it was too late. The last one she pronounced it ‘fook’, 🙂 like ‘no, I’m not going there’ haha, it was so funny, I heard they are getting sued by the airline for that.

      • Yeah, it’s funny because it’s like her brain isn’t connected to her mouth. Lol I heard the airline was suing too. Good for them. But, what I can’t believe is that no one has been fired or suspended at the TV station.

  12. Surprised? No I wasn’t surprised. Rarely am I surprised when it comes to race in this country. Especially when people say “it’s not about race.”

    I don’t know if you saw Richard Cohen’s, the syndicated columnist with the Washington Post, comments about the trial. He claims to “hate that Trayvon Martin is dead,” he “also can understand why Zimmerman was suspicious and why he thought Martin was wearing a uniform we all recognize.” That is, dark skin and a hooded sweatshirt. To anyone who has donned a similar “uniform” in solidarity with the dead, unarmed 17-year-old, Cohen writes, “The hoodie blinds them as much as it did Zimmerman,”

    The reality is that this is how our fellow Americans think of us. Whether we’re wearing a suit or a hoodie, I suspect they always feel the same way. Oh yeah, they understand alright.

    Now the story about the Asian pilots……I thought that the newspeople actually do research for their stories……something about journalistic integrity or some such bullshit.

    • I’m glad Cohen wrote that article, Reggie. Most times racism is hidden in denials. It has become a shadow that seemingly only the victims of it can see. So, when someone writes a totally racist piece like his, racism must face the bright light of day.

      I really don’t think journalistic integrity was ever apart of American mainstream media.

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