Photo(s) of the Day

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Her name is RaVaughn (Brown) and she’s a singer. Apparently Ne-Yo in the way too hot for summer red leather pants is helping her with her career. Isn’t she beautiful!

14 thoughts on “Photo(s) of the Day

  1. She looks lovely… & very healthy (the suits will prolly force her to lose weight & fit into some cookie cutter mode of beauty) . Meanwhile, I hope she can SANG!


  2. I never liked Ne-Yos style so I don’t really look at what he’s wearing anymore. She is pretty, just her facial expressions seem perplexing in the above pics. No smile?

    • Sometimes it’s the photographer. They catch the subjects at an odd moment when they aren’t expecting a pic or between smiles. Or maybe she’s too embarrassed being with Ne-Yo and his red leather pants to smile. Lol.

  3. ZESTY-AZZ Neyo LQQKS The Fool Though (As USUAL…)

    I LUV Juciy-Thickness Though… I’d SMASH-n-SPLASHHHHHHH!!!!! ;-D

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