Happy Independence Day…


12 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day…

  1. I lived in the New Orleans area too, for almost nine years right after I graduated from college. My two children were born there. I didn’t actually live in ‘Nawlins, I lived in a suburb called Metairie. David Duke, the old grand wizard himself, was my state representative.

    While I’ve been profiled and stopped at least once in every state I’ve lived in as an adult…….interestingly enough, except here in South Carolina (where our trees bare strange fruit). I had an experience in predominately white Metairie that transcends anything that I’ve experienced in my life.

    Twenty years ago when my now 23 year old son was three or four; after I got home from working in the city, I decided to walk to the grocery store with my son. It was a beautiful day, nice and sunny…..and warm, it was always warm. I lived in a gated community and I cut through a residential area with my son, walking on the sidewalk. There were a lot of people everywhere, mostly elderly and Caucasian. As a matter of fact, everyone walking on the street that day were Caucasian except my son and I. We’d been walking about a hundred yards when a police officer pulled up beside us, got out of his car and asked me for my license. Now keep in mind that although I am taller than six feet, I’m bending over walking down the street holding my sons little hand. I looked at the police officer, laughed and told him that I didn’t have my wallet on me and I didn’t need a license to walk down the street. He was young and that kinda confused him. I guess he wasn’t expecting me to talk back to him. He looked at me and asked for it again. So I asked him if he carried his drivers license when he walked down the street? He then asked for it again. I told him I didn’t need a license to walk down the street, that this is America, not Russia or China. I then turned and walked away from him…..good thing they didn’t have tasers back then. Anyway, I guess he felt foolish and he ended up following me down the street in his cruiser as I walked to the grocery store and back to my apartment complexes entrance. I went in a the key access door, looked him in his face and walked away.

    I was more than familiar with getting stopped for DWB, driving while black. But that was the first time I’d even heard of WWB, walking while black.

    I love my country. But sometimes I wonder if my country loves me.

    Anyway, happy white folks Independence Day Val!!!

    • Wow, Reggie, that’s crazy but, unfortunately not unbelievable in these here United States. It’s a good thing that cop wasn’t more seasoned or you might have had him trying to prove something. I’m glad you and your son survived that one.

      But, as I said, it’s totally believable. Profiling seems to stay with us no matter what. Just consider what goes on in NY with Stop and Frisk. They have hassled hundreds of thousands of Black men for no reason and even though the stats show that the vast majority of the time they don’t find any reason to arrest. They continue to do it. Which make it obvious to me that this isn’t a law enforcement technique but just another way to remind Black folks who they are to society.

    • It’s a short segment from CNN, Aly. They are supposedly debating if the word “Cracker” is equivalent to the word “Nigger”. But, in this particular segment LaVar Burton is talking about how when he’s pulled over by police that he puts his hands out of the window to make the officer comfortable, so that he won’t get shot. And, how he’s had to teach his son to do the same. Which I though was interesting considering some of us are celebrating Independence Day today. Not all of us have real freedom yet.

  2. I think. they do it also to make it so uncomfortable that you want to leave.

    wow thats s a scary experience Reggie.:(

      • Like I said, I’ve been profiled in every single state I’ve lived in, except this one. Maybe now that I’m kicking 50 in the biscuit they don’t care about my old ass anymore. Even though I had that experience in Louisiana, I was actually stopped more often in New Jersey when I lived there. In New Jersey I was probably stopped four or five time and twice stopped driving through an all Caucasian neighborhood on my way home from work. I don’t drive a fancy car and I never have. I’ve heard how profiling is just doing efficient police work and that is complete bullshit. When they had me pulled over wasting my time and theirs they could have been somewhere stopping a crime.

        Maybe the cops just don’t realize that since this is America, there isn’t some place that we’re not supposed to be, we can be anywhere.

        The problem for us now is that people think that since we’re not being lynched anymore that everything is okay now. So the SCOTUS strikes down voting laws because “everything has changed” since the 60s. The more things change, the more things stay the same.

        There are some people in this country that seriously need an enema.

      • “Maybe the cops just don’t realize that since this is America, there isn’t some place that we’re not supposed to be, we can be anywhere.”

        The police are a tool of White Supremacy, Reggie. And, for White Supremacy to work it has to remind all non-Whites of their place in society. That’s why the police operate they way they do.

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