Not as excited as I expected

As I’m sure you know on Wednesday the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) overturned DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) and refused to hear any arguments in appeal of a lower court’s decision that California’s Prop. 8 was unconstitutional.

I knew that SCOTUS was going to rule on these two cases and I expected that if the Court ruled as they did that I would be very excited. But, on Wednesday, as the rulings came down, I was pleased but not excited.

I thought that getting my Civil Rights piecemeal would be okay but, as it turns out it’s frustrating. Although I will very soon be able to marry here in the State of California and even though the Federal Government is bound to recognize any such marriage, my marriage would be a prisoner of California and thirteen other States and the District of Columbia and five Tribal Jurisdictions.

If I married and my wife and I decided to take a train trip across the country, our marriage would not exist once we left California and crossed into Nevada. And, it wouldn’t be recognized again until we reached one of the Northeastern States that same gender marriage is legal.

So, as others celebrate these court ruling as a victory, to me the rulings are not enough. I won’t be satisfied until I have the same rights as every other tax-paying American.

I suppose I’m just hard to please.

15 thoughts on “Not as excited as I expected

  1. No Val, you’re not hard to please. I just think that you simply expect to have the same inalienable rights that we heterosexuals have had since the beginnings of civilization. We have a young country, less than 240 years old, but heterosexuals have been able to marry since it’s inception. There’s nothing wrong with you, there’s something wrong with the lack of critical thinking that impacts many of our fellow Americans.

    I don’t think it’s too much to ask to be treated like everyone else.

    I love my country, but there have been times that I’ve wondered if my country loves me.

  2. Greetings, Valentina:

    It’s alright to do a little jig, but don’t break out your best dance shoes, just yet.

    This country has a long, tainted & painful history of denying equal rights to each and every one of its citizens. Change, as necessary as it often is… continues to be a stubborn bitch and it tends to move very, very slowly, Val. I’m pleased to see these steps finally being taken and that ALL people are beginning to feel & will soon experience the equality each & everyone of us (according to the Declaration of Independence, The Bill of Rights AND The Constitution) should have been entitled to long, long ago.

    Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness is a wonderful idea in theory, isn’t it?

    But, that being said, it would appear that Rome is still being built.


    • Yeah, I was happy for about an hour on Wednesday, Lin. Then reality set in.

      You’re right about this country’s history denying rights to unfavored minorities. What amazes me is that the people continue to do it over and over even with the benefit of knowing our collective history.

      And, I’m pleased too, Lin. I’m just impatient too.

      Thanks, Lin.

  3. Based on everything I’m seeing as far the direction in which America is headed, I believe the day will arrive where same-sex marriage is recognized everywhere from LA to NY.

    • You’re right, Don, but when is that day going to come. Will it be next year or 10 years from now. That’s what’s so frustrating.

  4. That’s crazy, you’d be married in one state and not in the next! It’s not the ideal but the positive is you could get married. and if something should arise while traveling you’d still have a marriage license to show. But still, it’s incomplete…:(

  5. I’m on the fence on this issue.
    I’d agree with Civil Unions but not marriage.
    I just cannot support the right of a couple to sue a church because it wishes to operate under it’s own Constitutionally protected rights.
    As long as a church is also protected – c’est la vie…

    • Same-gender marriage has been legal in Massachusetts since 2003 and 12 other States since and not one single church has been sued. So, that’s a straw man argument, UBJ.

      • No… What I’m saying is that I have no problem as long as churches retain their right to refusal. People are so litigious these days…

  6. Although I’ve been Married I never believed that a PIECE OF PAPER could properly & adequately DEFINE MY RELATIONSHIP Though… It was just A WAY for My Ex-Wife to REAP Enormous Financial Gains FROM ME w/o me being able to have a LEGIT LEGAL LEG to Stand On (MmmHmm…)

    This is just ONE MAN’S opinion from living MY OWN LIFE and RELAYING MY Personal Experience from SAID LIFE Though (YUPPP…)

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