14 thoughts on “Have a beautiful weekend!

  1. Each is her own version of lovely. But you’re right, Val. I actually thought the 1st pic WAS AK. Must be her edgier badass evil-looking twin (evil-looking only b/c of the facial hardware). Enjoy your weekend.


  2. Guess I’ll have to be THE HATER of This Post (Ohhhh WELL Then…) #SnickersUNCONTROLLABLY

    1st Pic… I NEVER ONCE Thought that was A-Keyz Though… The UGLY-Piercing, The Eye-Brows and DAT MAN-HAND was a DEAD GIVE-AWAY (MmmHmm…)

    2nd Pic… Truly AMAZING WONDERMENT of BLACK BEAUTY Though (LUVS Chocolate…)

    3rd Pic… Imma a HUGE FAN of Black-n-Whites #Photography Though

    4th Pic… NICE But Imma a HAIR-FREAK Soooo If Her hair was Eryrah Badu/Solange BIG (I’m RIGHT THERE…) O_o

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